Sauerländer Antiquitäten

Here is a brief walkthrough of a small antique shop I recently discovered in the area called Sauerland. It is not something you’ll get to see everyday so better step inside and you might just get lucky and find something that tickles your fancy!

Last time when I was visiting my parents in the area called Sauerland, I found a nice little antique shop, which was worth it to stop the car and to rummage a bit around.

It is located at the entrance of the little village Bad Fredeburg and for everybody it is visible through it’s nice decoration. Everything is arranged in a nice order, and when the weather is good, the outside area invites to stay there a bit and to take some pictures. But it is also worth to visit the interior!

From the old cigarette machine over high apothecary cabinets to lovely decorated little rooms, everything has its own lovely charm. But instead of writing to much, I will show you some pictures! I used Ferrania Solaris 200 film and the Diana Mini.

More about the shop (in german)

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translated by shoujoai

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