From the Archives: Lomo Love Stories

Whether it's love for another person, a craft, or the places that are most significant for us, it's true that love makes the world go around.

In today's article, we're diving deep into the Lomography Online Magazine archive to share stories that celebrate love in its many forms, of course through the lens of film photography. Let's get into it!

An Interview with Jack & Ance of Lovers on Film

In this 2023 interview with Jack and Ance who manage the Instagram project Lovers on Film, we got to know how the worldwide project started in the midst of the physical disconnect brought by the pandemic. The two also shared the best stories they've ever received from film photography couples around the globe.

Credits:, @mohamd__moghadasi & @selfies_onfilm via Lovers on Film

The Image of Love as Told by Brett Allen Smith

Lomographer, journalist, and filmmaker Brett Allen Smith captures the love between Aaron and Tirzah, who come from two different cultural backgrounds, using the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens, a Lomography Color Negative 100 and a Sprocket Rocket. About the shoot, he said:

"The most important detail when capturing love, I think, is accepting the idea that love is wonderfully shapeless. Sometimes it's an enormous gesture, other times it's a teeny detail. Sometimes it's cliché. Sometimes it's utterly personal. So maybe capturing love requires you to open up your own heart a bit as well."
Credits: brettallensmith

Wedding Photographer Lushi Song on Her Love for the Lomo LC-Wide

Weddings are one of the most important occasions we can celebrate with other people. In events like these, of course, photographers especially wedding photographers play an important role in immortalizing the best moments of the occasion. Rhode Island-based wedding photographer Lushi Song shares her love for the Lomo LC-Wide and a shoot undertaken with the camera which she considers her right hand man at work.

Credits: Lushi Song

Love in Analogue: Malaysian Weddings On Film by @armantrio

Speaking of weddings, ever wondered how weddings are celebrated in other cultures? That's exactly what we found out about in this 2023 article featuring Malaysian photographer and Lomographer @armantrio's wedding photos taken with Lomography cameras such as the Simple Use Camera and the LomoApparat.. He also talked to us about the pros and cons of photographing weddings on film, the local wedding culture, and more.

Credits: armantrio

Queer Love Through The Lens Of Jaihang And mynegativefeelings (NSFW)

Taiwanese photographer Jaihang and Filipino photographer Sean talk about the similar sentiments that formed their bond as artists, as well as a zine collaboration made at the height of the pandemic. In this 2023 interview, the two highlighted the importance of photographing queer bodies:

"It’s important to photograph queer bodies because it allows us to take up space, be seen, and be appreciated." - Jaihang
Credits: Jaihang & mynegativefeelings

Many thanks to our featured artists for sharing their images and stories with us!

How are you celebrating the month of love? Share your answer with us below!

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