The Sprocket Rocket and LomoChrome Purple: A Psychedelic Duo

For over a decade, both the Sprocket Rocket and LomoChrome Purple have been fueling analogue users with unimaginable creativity. The Sprocket Rocket, with it’s 106° field of view, exposed sprocket holes, and other experimental features, launched in 2011. Our beloved LomoChrome Purple came two years later, allowing users to transform the way they see the world by turning everyday colors into something magical. Though the film stock has gone through different formulas since its first iteration, it’s always been a fan favorite for Lomographers looking to shake things up in their pictures.

Many have used the Sprocket Rocket and LomoChrome Purple in tandem to create enchanting panoramic photos. Today we want to highlight just how incredible this combination can be.


Credits: martinc87, qoqphotography, jeanne_d_arctique, evibuell, ixe & oulpiana

LomoChrome Purple and nature always pair up really nicely as the typically lush greens turn into a psychedelic mixture of purple hues and the blue sky somehow gets a saturated look that could be deep greens or a washed-out white. Using the Sprocket Rocket in nature allows you to immortalize the wide and open landscapes as far as the eye can see with its 30 mm focal length. The pictures here show that when this combination is shot in nature, a dream world seems to be created with every shot.


Credits: amaiahodge, lafilledeer, oulpiana, seencity, sarahzach & nicolas81

Though nothing is stopping you from taking portraits with the Sprocket Rocket, it is not always the first thing that comes into mind when using this camera. However, with the camera being compact and a minimum focusing distance of 0.6 meters, or almost 2 feet, taking that selfie has never been easier! Combining it with the unique colors of LomoChrome Purple and each selfie will be out of this world!


Credits: wangyunhan, vita-reducta, iamleighmiller, amaiahodge, ajyassi, sarahzach, kleeblatt, fhil68 & sweetyyydreams

Always fun to take on travels, both the Sprocket Rocket and the LomoChrome Purple will make sure that your travel photos will be ones that you can show off to your friends all the time. From immortalizing architectural masterpieces to snapping scenes on the streets, the way the Sprocket Rocket can capture everything through its unique quirks and the way LomoChrome Purple brings out something new to these iconic structures and humdrum streets will make reminiscing on your travels a true joy. Seeing the results of the community members shooting illustrious locations like the Taj Mahal and the Vatican with this combination will make you want to try it out yourself on your next adventure.

Anything Goes

Credits: deafness, amaiahodge, noemielegall, smolda, reizueberflutung, ashrichardson650 & sarahzach

The Sprocket Rocket's many features, from the bulb mode that will allow for long exposures, to its reverse gear allowing you to edit and mix up photos on the fly, will allow you to go beyond what a conventional film photo can do. Utilizing how the LomoChrome Purple reacts to different ISO speeds and settings, you'll get unpredictable color shifts that will make every photo memorable. From light leaks, to multiple exposures, to combining all the possible features of the Sprocket Rocket and adding a psychedelic film that is always eye-catching, this Sprocket Rocket-LomoChrome Purple combination is one to try out!

We thank for community for the wonderful and experimental photos. What combination would you want to try with our Lomography products? Comment down below!

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