Why We Love to Shoot 110 Format Film


The 110 format is known for the ease with which anyone and everyone can use it. The charm of this small format lies in its distinct grainy look, convenience and speed. Compared to the 120 and 35 mm formats, 110 is seen as a bit more casual, perfect for experimenting and having fun. Which is why we absolutely love it!

We had a simple question for our community members: why shoot 110? Here are their answers!

To Connect with Our Roots!

Credits: natzko82
My 110 camera is very special to me because it's an heirloom from my grandfather. 110 camera is compact and cute and I love the nostalgic ambience of 110 film. By the way, January 10th was "110 day" in Japan, so you could see 110 film posts at X a lot! - Natsuko (@natzko82)

For the Grain

Credits: ginnyfree
I chose to shoot in the 110 format because it can be used practically anywhere, it's fast and never interferes with what's happening, just as one of the 10 golden rules of Lomography mentions.
I also particularly love the grain and the vintage effect of the Diana Baby 110. I never know exactly what will emerge from the shots I take... surprise and anticipation are additional values ​​for this format. - Virginia (@ginnyfree)

For Its Simplicity

Around mid 2020 I was watching a movie called "Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God...Be Back by Five" and there was a scene with someone using a 110 camera. Me being in my twenties, I've never seen a 110 camera before. So I googled skinny horizontal film camera and that led me to purchasing the Kodak Ektralite 10. From there I was off to the races shooting 110 and began to fall in love with it.
I love the simple nature of the film, I just plug it in and go, especially that I exclusively use a point-and-shoot camera. The film always produces a nostalgic looking image and even after shooting over 50 rolls I still am surprised by the results. Also it helps that the film is relatively cheap and affordable. I started shooting 110 film as a hobby and never thought it would lead to so many opportunities.
I've got to shoot promo photos for a band, I've had one of my photos be used as an album cover, I've got to professionally shoot a live concert, and most importantly I've got to capture amazing photos with my friends and family. I hope Lomography never stops making 110 film because I don't think I'll ever stop shooting 110 film. - Chris (@farleychris88)

For the Nostalgia

Credits: sadlollipopmountain
For me, because my childhood was in the 80s/90s, it’s largely nostalgia-driven, but I also enjoy being able to carry a small camera around that’s still gives the control of an SLR, hence the Minolta 110 Zoom. Plus it’s fun to not worry about pixels/super sharp images, and just let the moodiness of the grain take the reins a bit. - RV Henretty-Jornales (@sadlollipopmountain)

For the Love of the Miniature

Credits: stereograph
110er, why? I love anything miniature. As a kid from the 1980s/90, I lived through the era of such amazing mini things like the Walkman. 35 mm film was for our Dads and Grandmas with their SLRs and full automatics. As a young shutterbug I always carried a pocket camera from Agfa or Kodak with me, easy to use and invisible. Documenting my youth, luckily nobody will ever see these photos, or...? - Yörn (@stereograph)

One-of-a-Kind Perspective

Credits: annashotadze
Photos taken with the 110 film format often have a grainy and muted, low contrast look, but it is exactly what I choose for Tbilisi's cityscapes. I believe that photographing in the 110 format offers a fresh one-of-a-kind perspective, enabling one to discover previously unnoticed details of their hometown.
Every shot of Tbilisi on 110 film has that look which reminds me of postcards or posters from the art stores. I always keep that look in my mind while capturing something, this is why I prefer to have one main subject or city view in my photos, without it being overloaded with various details.
When looking at 110 format photos, it is challenging to recognize the era they belong to, I feel like that fit streets of Tbilisi the best. The city's beauty emanates from its unique blend of history and natural surroundings, resulting in a perfect choice for this type of photography. - Anna (@annashotadze)

An Ode to Childhood Memories

Credits: mackiechartres
The reasons why I shoot 110 are :
1- Because I have childhood memories of this film, which we used on vacation in the 70s... "my" first camera was my parent's Agfamatic pocket camera.
2- Because it's so fun to handle such small cameras (I love my Pentax Auto 110, officially the smallest SLR camera in the world, but I also like the Lomography Fisheye Baby.)
3- Because I like the grainy finish and the slightly faded colors! - Mackie (@mackiechartres)

We'd like to thank community members @natzko82, @ginnyfree, @farleychris88, @sadlollipopmountain, @stereograph, @annashotadze and @mackiechartres for joining us in this article!

Why do YOU shoot 110? Tell us your answer below!

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  1. mattmccollum1313
    mattmccollum1313 ·

    I absolutely love shooting with 110 film! The grainy appearance has a look that reminds me of being younger and the 110 cameras our family had growing up. So nostalgia is a huge part of it.

    The compact size of the film and camera also allows me to bring it along everywhere I go. Living in Southern California, you just never know who or what you are going to see. So it allows me to be spontaneous and shoot from the hip (literally) when the moment happens.

    I love all the film stocks available too. Some of the best results I've achieved so farhave been with LomoChrome Purple and B&W Orca. I received three rolls of the new LomoChrome Color '92 as a gift recently and I can't wait to share with the Lomo community!

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