Düsseldorf Under the Rainbow

Every year in summer the gay pride takes place in many cities in different countries all over the world. It remembers to the riots of Stonewall in New York (1969). Here are some Diana shots of the colorful demonstration In Düsseldorf, Germany!

Once a year, Düsseldorf is marked by the rainbow: queer people of all sexualities (gay, lesbian, trans* etc.) go together on the street to show visibility, to party together, and to fight for tolerance and acceptance.

The Christopher Street Day (CSD) has not a big history in Düsseldorf. The first one was in 2004, the first one where I had been in 2006. At that time it was even difficult to find the parade! Now it starts at a central point of city, the Graf Adolf Place, and I guess that it’s at least four times bigger than the first I saw!

The history of the CSD itself is much older. Last year it was 40 years ago, that, at the 28th of June 1969, the gay people in New York at the bar „Stonewall Inn“ in the Christopher Street started to fight back the police! The always have been repressed before, but from this day on they fight for their rights! Since then, many CSDs take place in different cities of different countries. Many progress was done, but there is still much work to do. Germany is one of the countries where it’s more or less easy for queer people to come out, but still do not have the equal rights as for example they can only have a restricted marriage.

Even though not all people who see the pride or even participate to the parade know about the history it is important to think about it and still to fight for equilibration!

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