The Lomography Wrap-Up 2023: Another Year of Adventures and Fun in Film Photography


2023 has been a colorful year for us here at Lomography, with the release of the LomoChrome Color '92 and the successful Kickstarter for our new art lens, the Nour Triplet V 2.0/64 Bokeh Control Art Lens.

We were also able to see more LomoApparat photos from the community a year from the camera's release, conducted and joined many photowalks and workshop collaborations, and of course, felt our community growing with each photo and story shared! 

Before we wrap up this year and move forward to 2024, let's look back on some of our milestones, accomplishments and highlights in 2023. 

Credits: lofilolife, grenville, swjosdotschka, bcpleung, yulia_adamova & 007-0815-styler

LomoChrome Color ’92 ISO 400 in 35 mm, 120, and 110

To celebrate 31 years of Lomography and stay true to our Summer of Action, the LomoChrome Color ’92 was launched with flying colors. Our film roll release for 2023 dropped with stocks for all film formats: 35 mm, 120, and 110 — covering all ground and bringing about a gentle atmosphere through the photographs as reminiscent of the colors of the 90s.

We also rounded up notable community photographs taken from July to October 2023 which showcase the ‘92 film stock at its finest.

Credits: kinonino, marjonablasco, abbieip, kapturedbykvs, jamiemphoto, edwinchau, yokosima, thehenrydemos, invisiblewavelengths & ndrw

Lomography Nour Triplet V. 2.0/64 Bokeh Control Art Lens

In October, we welcomed in the last quarter of the year with the Kickstarter for our new lens, the Lomography Nour Triplet V. 2.0/64 Bokeh Control Art Lens (now available for pre-orders). Inspired by the works of Ibn al-Haytham; a scientist and mathematician mostly known for his legendary work on optics and visual perception, the new lens shines brightest through its unique spherical aberration control. The Nour Triplet Lens gives photographers and filmmakers incredible bokeh and shallow depth of field, allowing them to tap into the artistic qualities of light.

Credits: hanslook & lomography

LomoChrome Color Shifts, Medium Format, and B&W film

Color Shifts: The 2021 formula of the LomoChrome crowd favorite, 2021 LomoChrome Purple Pétillant rang in the new year by first launching in its 35 mm film format, followed by 120 and 110 as we approached summer.

Medium Format Film: Mid-2023 was also big on medium format as we set out to save 120 film and remind people that it is just as fun, accessible, accommodating, and experimental as other film formats. The entire color negative line saw a sweet price reduction with the ISO 100, 400, and 800 editions, along with the Lomography Redscale XR 120 ISO 50–200, the 2021 LomoChrome Metropolis 120 ISO 100–400, and the Potsdam Kino B&W 120 ISO 100.

B&W: Two of our 35 mm black and white films also teamed up to form a classic MonoChrome Duet. Pairing one roll of Lady Grey 35mm with one roll of Earl Grey 35mm, and taking on tin cans and a free keychain as part of the package.

True to making things more seamless and portable when traveling with film, we also launched two new film containers — Tin Film Container 35 mm and the Lomography Metal Film Case for 135 / 120 — to keep all your film safe and sound.

Credits: mackiechartres, kneehigh85, modzel, 46969ma, candeeland, arthouse, hid_hash, stevejack0 & garden_song

35 mm and 120 film format new camera editions

Grooving to the Classics with these three signature Lomography cameras was the best way to wrap up the year. We started the year by launching the sleek LomoApparat Chiyoda Edition, followed up by the leading ladies Diana F+ Camera & Flash Black Jack and Diana F+ Camera & Flash CMYK, and ending the year with the funkiest Fisheye No. 2 Grape Jam 35 mm Camera in town.

2023 was a year filled with color; bursting all around with creative energy and tones that inspire. Continuing to create and build an ecosystem full of artistic tools that help document and encapsulate the best moments of life is what we achieved in 2023, and we plan to take it even further in 2024.

Spreading the Love for Analogue: Contests, Events and Collaborations

Learning with Lomography

Learning with Lomography serves as our collaboration with schools and universities all over the world to share the love and knowledge of film photography. Through this project, we aim to give students their own Lomographic experiences and help to unleash their creativity!

One of the schools we collaborated with in 2023 was the ITB University (Arts and Design Institute Bandung) in Indonesia where students were able to assemble and shoot Konstruktor SLR DIY cameras.

We also partnered with the Department of Fashion and Image Design of Hong Kong Design Institute for two of their annual fashion shows. We let six students studying fashion image design experiment with cameras and film such as the LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera, Lomo LC-Wide film camera, Lomo'Instant Wide, and Lomo'Instant Square, as well as Lomography Color Negative ISO 400 and Lomography Color Negative ISO 800 and the results were undoubtedly outstanding!

Another exciting partnership was our LomoKino filmmaking workshop with the Slade School Of Fine Art. Through the workshop, the students got to try out filmmaking with the LomoKino, and we explored different ways of approaching the moving image with this incredible camera.


Collaborations keep our creative spirit alive, and this year we’re delighted to share news of a few workshops created in partnership with amazing groups. This includes our collaboration with La Clandestina de Poblenou, a local self-organized cultural association in Barcelona, for a fashion photography workshop with the LomoApparat, Simple Use Camera, Fisheye No.2 and Lomo'Instant Wide.

We also worked with The Photography Foundation, a South London-based charity, to create pathways to professional photography for less advantaged individuals through an extensive training program.

How to take the step from digital photography to analogue? We discussed this and more during our beginner workshop conducted with experienced fashion photographer Jason Rivera in downtown Los Angeles, California. During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to shoot with a mix of Lomography 35 mm cameras and Lady Grey B&W film!

Credits: The Photography Foundation 2023 Trainees & Marta Pilotto - Color Negative 400 ISO film

Lomography Partners

We stay grateful to our Lomography Partners for sharing the love of analogue with us. In 2023, we highlighted some of our partners from around the world including Omoi of Philadelphia, USA, Three Sitting Birds of Larnaca, Cyprus; Allycamera of Seoul, South Korea and Fotografiska New York, USA.


There’s nothing like a good LomoWalk with fellow shutterbugs, and in 2023 we were lucky to be able to put on quite a few! Some of our LomoWalks this year took place in Galway, Madrid, Salamanca, London, San Diego, and Coney Island.

Speaking of photo gatherings, this year we also partnered up with our friends at Brooklyn Film Camera and NYC Film Lab to put together and host the annual NYC Film Photo Gathering.

Credits: Sara Belmonte, Shilonite Simon-Mathurin, Matthew McAlister, Nikita Krakhofer


This year we had some exciting LomoMissions including our partnership with the Penumbra Foundation to try out the new LomoChrome Color '92 film stock, Long Live the '90s as the theme of course!

From our multiple LomoMissions this year we've received thousands of submissions, but one that stood out was the LomoMission 1992.JPEG launched in anticipation of the LomoChrome Color '92 which garnered 2,728 submissions from community members. Other missions that were hits among Lomographers were Just Like the Movies (2,389 submissions), Komorebi (2,403 submissions) and My Little Forest (2,343). We're excited to be coming up with more LomoMissions and browsing through your submissions next year!

Credits: taoboga, solinvictus, carolepigeaux, oukrid, p3667


We also announced the winners of the experimental photography contest, the Lomography Awards: the TEN AND ONE 2022.

Through our 11 categories, 10 unchanging themes, and one that changes yearly to reflect contemporary issues, we aim to highlight the ingenuity and creative visions of film photographers worldwide. Our Special Category for 2022 was "Tempus Fugit", a challenge for photographers to explore the passage of time through an image.

Congratulations to everyone and we can’t wait to see submissions for next year's contest!

Stories From the Magazine 2023

This year has been another memorable year for our magazine, as we continue to highlight various stories within our Lomography community and beyond. We published a diverse range of articles that demonstrate the relationship between film photography and different fields, and how everything can intersect.

From one of our newest series, Synesthesia, you can see how visuals and sound can compliment one another and create deeper connections. Besides music, the intricacies of poetry were one way to find inspiration and a new outlook on analogue photography. Though sports seems like an unlikely hobby to combine analogue photography, we compiled community photos of baseball and softball to showcase how you can find film photography anywhere. One of the most interesting crossovers with film this year was seeing film and the circus come together.

Reading these stories this year in the magazine, we can truly see how film can transcend and bring different subcultures and hobbies together.

Credits: michaeljoe, zekiphone, 7-a, bnjmn, tinyframetales, jmcedo & theofromgreece

Beyond these stories, we met people far and wide this year. We got to know Arman, a wedding photographer in Malaysia who showcases how experimental you can be on one of the most important days of your life. We saw how islands can be transformed in photos through Flavia Slick’s photography. And we learned firsthand how Geloy Concepcion's incredible project Things You Wanted to Say But Never Did came to life.

Another interesting story this year was how community member Christ Fletcher unearthed lost long slide films and reunited them with their owner. Beyond these amazing stories, here are some other favorite stories from our online magazine this year!

This year we are excited to showcase some of the newest members who made Lomography their home this year. These top newcomers come from different walks of life and it’s amazing to see different cultures, people, and styles captured through the format of analogue.


Credits: ghostflowerfresno, tokcan, abik, grainshake, pixleepics, fabelpapa & noaaphotos

Besides the newcomers, the community this year has been active in shooting and sharing their photos. Here are the most loved photos that were chosen by the Lomography community.

Credits: francislee, p3667, ginocas, hodachrome, stevejack0, mmxi, _____wessel, dr_reineke & ketiluftwaaffe

Lomo School is Now Open

This year we celebrated World Film Photography Day by launching Lomo School — Lomography’s experimental school for all things analogue photography. Offering insights and information that covers a wide range of topics any new and/or experienced film photographer would be able to learn a thing or two about, from working with film in varying lighting conditions, to self-developing and scanning, to alternative analogue processes and so much more.

At the heart of Lomo School is our desire to foster a conducive learning environment for everyone and anyone — film photographers, creatives, and anyone curious — to engage in what we know (and have yet to know!) and love about film photography. We have you all, as Lomography Community members, to thank for the endless support on the launch of Lomo School and we’re excited to take it even further in 2024.

See the top 10 topics we covered in 2023, ranging from the basics of 35 mm film photography to working with expired film.

1. What is pushing or pulling a film?
2. What does bokeh mean?
3. What is the difference between a full-frame and half-frame camera?
4. What are some tips for shooting film in low light?
5. What is the sunny16 rule?
6. What do photos taken with expired film look like?
7. How to scan 120 film?
8. What are the best techniques for taking multiple exposure photos?
9. How many photos can you take on a 35 mm film?
10. How to develop expired film?

Credits: winti_l, greenie22, ixior, jmcedo, mackiechartres, naaathaaan, tinmaneyes, oj_jboy14 & ofchanceandchoice

For 2024, we're looking forward to getting to know more about our analogue community, may it be online through our community contests and LomoMissions, or offline through LomoWalks and workshops!

Before we conclude this year, we’d like to thank each of our community members for keeping the love and appreciation for analogue alive. With the release of new film stocks, camera accessories and more, this has been an eventful year not just for us but the whole analogue community!

We'd like to wish everyone happy holidays! Let's look forward to more photos and even more film surprises next year!

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Lomography Diana F+

Lomography Diana F+

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