Synesthesia #10 Welcome to the New Year


Welcome to the new year! As we begin another journey around the sun, we are thrilled to present the tenth edition of Synesthesia. This time we have an exciting blend of experimental shots, found lost images, and stunning long exposures, accompanied by a diverse selection of left-field pop, uplifting electronic music, and forgotten world music. It's the perfect way to get inspired for the year ahead!

Credits: akio_nakai

This first photo by @akio_nakai reminded us of solo pictures of left-field pop adjacent artists. The combination of the Diana F+, LomoChrome Turquoise and the lowlight conditions in the parking lot give it a haunting feeling. This picture can go right up there with concept shoots from artists like Björk, Caroline Polachek, and even Olivia Rodrigo who despite making pop-adjacent music, are not afraid to showcase their personality and add more experimental elements to their sound and image.

Caroline Polachek - I Believe
Olivia Rodrigo - bad idea right?
Björk - Hyperballad

Credits: fpsevilla

This photo by @fpsevilla captured using the Fisheye No.2 showcases the majestic countryside of Montserrat in Spain. Looking at the photo, it resembles a painting more than a photograph because of the muted colors. This reminded us of electronic music, where you can just lie down in nature and take in the beauty of your surroundings while listening to calming and pulsing synthesizers and lush electronic noises.

Bonobo - Linked
Digital Justice - Theme From 'It's All Gone Pear Shaped'
Barker - Wick and Wax

Credits: gocchin

For this photo, we chose music that reflects the context of the photo. Using the Lomo LC-A+ @gocchin created an international multi-exposure combining scenes from Austria, Czech Republic, and Japan for this photo. With the calming and bright photo, we chose songs that also combine elements from different genres and countries like Towa Tei's TECHNOVA which brings together elements of Brazilian Bossanova and Japanese Pop. The other songs were selected to complement the warm feeling of the photo and make you want to put on headphones and take a walk in good weather.

Towa Tei with Bebel Gilberto - TECHNOVA
Bibi Flash - Histoire d'un soir (Bye bye les galères)
Eddie Hooper - Tomorrow's Sun

Credits: materiagrezza

This found photo from @materiagrezza reminds us of bands and musicians that have used historic photographs for their album covers. Such album covers create a feeling of nostalgia and prepare the listener for an emotional and personal experience. This photo evokes themes such as coming of age, longing, and melancholy, making it an ideal match for songs from artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Sufjan Stevens, and Neutral Milk Hotel.

Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year
Sufjan Stevens - The Only Thing
Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945

Credits: ienyamasaki

When we stumbled upon this long-exposure photograph taken by @ienyamasaki, it immediately evoked a sense of hope and yearning for a brighter future. The breathtaking sunset overlooking the city of Bangkok further intensified this feeling of longing for brighter days. The song "No Ordinary Morning" by Chicane, really hits the same spot, creating a massive energy of hope. The other songs chosen represent a reflective side while also evoking the same sense of hopefulness and happiness for the upcoming year.

Chicane - No Ordinary Morning (Extended Mix)
Software - Island Sunrise
Drawing Future Life- 1969

We thank the Lomography Community for their never-ending treasure trove of photos and we hope you like this round of music selections. If you have a picture and music selections that you want to submit message @rocket_fries0036 or comment down below!

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  1. materiagrezza
    materiagrezza ·

    Thanks for featuring my photo!

  2. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres ·

    excellent selection ! 😎

  3. ienyamasaki
    ienyamasaki ·

    Thank you for the feature

  4. fotosdepe
    fotosdepe ·

    Great photos and great music!

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