Becky's First Encounter With the Classic Analogue Queen, the Diana F+


Becky is a fashion photographer based between Jakarta and Bandung. She is inspired by movies and her love of travel. She also loves to learn new things, and maybe that's why she recently challenged herself to try the Diana F+ Camera & Flash. Let's read about her first experience using the analogue queen of a camera!

© Becky

Hello there Becky! It’s good to have you here at Lomography Magazine. Please introduce yourself to the Lomography Community.

Hi, I’m Becky, I’m a photographer based in Jakarta. I take great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people and subjects that I photograph. My style has been described as creative, fun, engaging, and relaxed. When I asked my soul what I truly wanted to see in my photos, I want to capture a moments that are highly emotional for me and show classic human emotions through facial expressions and gestures.

You’ve sent us so many beautiful shots taken with the Diana F+! What motivates you in taking these kinds of photos?

I get my inspiration everywhere I look, in the streets and fashion, sometimes the model inspires me, so it's everywhere, and that's what I like about it. I want to capture a moment where it’s resonating with my emotions and from that I’m able to direct them through facial expressions and gestures. The reason I chose this kind of photography is because I want to create images I have in my mind. I can create everything that's on my mind with my photography.

© Becky

What does analogue photography mean to you?

Analogue photography creates a very unique feeling for me. I also love the happy accidents, the colors and the little thrill when you pick up a roll from the lab, hoping I captured what I felt and what I saw at that moment.

For me photography is all about the expression of interest and the freedom to create. When I look at the results, I want say to myself that I want to live in it. I'd say photography for me is an emotive exercise something like meditation, relaxation and or self reflection. Depending of course on what I'm looking at or creating.

© Becky

Can you tell us about your experience shooting with the Diana F+ ? What do you think about the results?

I actually enjoyed the shooting aspect. Combined with the simple controls, not being stressed about getting the perfect focus and composition actually let me loosen up and be a bit more creative. I love the results of the photos.

© Becky

What do you like most about the Diana F+ ?

Its soft, dreamy images and its vignetting.

What is it specifically about the Diana F+ that has captured your imagination?

Double exposure, color filters and light leaks.

© Becky

What kind of feeling or atmosphere do you aim to create in your photography?

I'm so happy when I can capture a moment that holds a memory to it. Reliving a memory through photos and feeling like you are right back there in the moment. There's so many things to feel through photos and I'm so blessed to be able to capture not only a photo but a feeling.

© Becky

Do you have any daily routines before the shooting day?

Yes I do, I drink a coffee first before the shooting day. My clients and models sometimes like to play their playlist during the photoshoots.

What would be your dream project to work on?

My dream project is working with people who have a lot of ideas in their mind. I get even more excited when those ideas are creative, outlandish and aren’t something that I’ve done before.

© Becky

What's the next project you will be working on?

I'm thinking on taking family portraits and pre wedding photos with the Diana F+. I think it would be fun to shoot with those concepts.

Any messages to other Indonesian Lomographers out there?

Don’t be afraid to take a photos. Just shoot! Have fun and keep doing what you love to do!

© Becky

Thank you Becky! To see more of her work you can check out her website.

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