Jessica Candradi Tests the Diana Instant Square for a Fun Ballet Photoshoot

Jessica Candradi is a self-taught photographer and a former pastry chef. She is drawn to portraits and fashion editorials, and is well-reputed for her cinematic images and signature warm tones. She recently took the opportunity to test out our Diana Instant Square for a fun photoshoot at a ballet studio. Let's see what Jessica captured!

Jessica Candradi

Hi Jessica! It’s great to have you here at Lomography! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a self-taught photographer and a former pastry chef. It was 2012 in Melbourne while undergoing pastry and culinary studies, when I bought my first camera and discovered my predilection towards the languages of photography. Irrevocably drawn to portraits and fashion editorials, I decided to take the bullet and become a full-time photographer. I take great pleasure in traveling, discovering new things and cultures while doing so.

© Jessica Candradi

How did you get into analogue photography?

I don’t have a formal education in photography. When I bought my first cameras, which were a Canon DSLR and a Lomography Fisheye, I instantly knew that it was my passion and mainly taught myself through experiments, books, films and the internet. I enjoyed the thrill of shooting analogue, the anticipation of the slow process from developing to scanning and the surprise elements of it.

What is it like to be Jessica Candradi? How do you spend your week?

Traveling a lot, juggling between personal and professional work. Week-to-week can be different, depending on where I am. But mainly photoshoots, creative directing, and meetings on weekdays. And trying to spend more time with my family on the weekend.

© Jessica Candradi

Can you tell us about what you decided to shoot with the Diana Instant Square ?

I had fun shooting with the Diana instant square. I love conceptual shoots and documenting daily life that might seem mundane or overlooked by other people. On this occasion, I asked my peers who are professional ballet dancers if I could capture the essence of their training in the studio and they luckily loved the idea.

I deliberately choose the actual ballet studio to really be able to convey the authenticity and rawness of their activity so it’ll feel more effortless and natural.

© Jessica Candradi

Do you have a favorite photo from this shoot?

There’s a lot of favorite shots from this photoshoot, but if I have to choose, I love these two (below). I think these images really capture the moody feels, and the elegance of the movement and craft. They invite you to be immersed into the ballet world.

© Jessica Candradi

How did you like shooting with the Diana Instant Square?

For me who loves shooting polaroids, it’s definitely something unique and absolutely something that I’d incorporate in my work. I love combining the different textures of digital and analogue, it makes the visuals more enticing and interesting.

What feature do you like the most about the Diana Instant Square?

I think one of the distinctions of the Diana instant is the interchangeable lens which offers a more interesting way of shooting. And I love the multi-exposure feature. It is so much fun!

Since shooting with analogue and polaroid can be tricky, I think one of the important parts is making sure the objects and location are well lit with sufficient light to get the intended exposure. It may be a sunny outdoor scene or making use of flash / continuous lighting set up.

© Jessica Candradi

What is one thing you have been dying to explore further (anything from a place to a particular subject)?

From my love of traveling I am slowly becoming more interested in photojournalism and cinema. I think there’s so many stories around the world to be discovered and worth being shared. Therefore, I intend to explore more in depth in this direction, merging the glorious world between photography and cinematography.

Do you have any new projects in the works?

I just launched my second book about my travel portrait photography compiled from 2016 till now called ‘Beneath the nostalgic sky.’ It’s an ever-growing project that will accompany me everywhere I travel . So for now I’m focusing on expanding and growing the new body of work, and hopefully will be having more exhibitions and workshops in the future.

© Jessica Candradi's second photobook ‘Beneath the nostalgic sky.’

Any messages to other Indonesian Lomographers out there?

Any photography enthusiast out there, may you be amateur, professional or a hobbyist. I encourage you to pick up that camera and start shooting anything because most of the brilliant ideas often come when you least expect it. Don’t overthink, be experimental and find beauty in ordinary and mundane things.

Thank you to Jessica for sharing her latest work with us. To see more of her photography you can visit her website.

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