Synesthesia #8 Imagined Album Covers Of Lomography with @HANNIBALBASS

For this edition of Synesthesia, we talk to Ecuadorian Lomographer @Hannibalbass. An active Lomographer, he's used several Lomography cameras including the Konstruktor and was featured for his use of the LomoApparat a while back. Today we get a chance to see more of his work and how he combines his passions of photography and music.


This is a peaceful and dynamic scene at the same time. Saudade, the famous elusive and untranslatable Portuguese word comes to my mind. I can remember the sound of the water flowing. These beautiful songs represent all those sensations images and words, for me.

The Beatles - Across the Universe
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Morelenbaum - Fotografia
Jorge Drexler - Movimiento


This is all about the cat, the girl, and the lovely bond between them. Graced by the muted, subtle colours of the scene.

Chloé Silva - Commodium
Olivia Ruiz - Mon P'tit Chat
Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle


I took this photo during a photowalk with my friend Osvvaldo. I took this picture of him, and this dramatic point of view made me think about the songs Hurt and Black. But it's somehow groovy and playful, like Sound and Vision.

Johnny Cash - Hurt
David Bowie - Sound and Vision
Pearl Jam - Black


I took this a few days before New Year's eve. Here in Ecuador, we burn papier maché puppets called Años Viejos. Here, a man is finishing one of those. The resulting picture is surreal and absurd, funny and engaging, as are these songs.

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
Modest Mouse - Float On
Ludovico - Ciempiés de Aerosol


I took this photo during the independence parade of my city, Guayaquil. The result is so metallic and surreal, futuristic and traditional at the same time. I felt like the three songs here can serve as the ideal soundtrack for it.

St. Vincent - Strange Mercy
Biorn Borg - Síndrome de Uppsala
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle

We thank @HANNIBALBASS for sharing his music selections, photos, and his lovely words. Make sure to keep up with him on his LomoHome.

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