Tipster: Shooting the Lomo LC-A+ in Low Light Conditions

It’s that time of year again when nights are drawn out and the days feel short. With less natural light it may seem harder to find situations to take film photos. We used the Lomo LC-A+ on nights out to see how the camera performs in low light conditions, and we give some tips on how to get the best out of this camera during the long nights ahead.

Use a Fast Speed Film

The best way to capture photos under artificial or unpredictable lighting conditions is to use a film stock with high ISO. Using a film stock with at least an ISO of 400 is recommended. Using Lomography Color Negative 800 these shots above showcase how the film stock reacts to different lighting conditions from flashing rave lights, indoor lighting and random sources of light found in the outdoors. Another thing to notice is that having a higher ISO allows you to capture movement much more clearly since the camera can use a higher shutter speed.

Credits to rocket_fries0036

Push Your Film

For those who may not have access to faster film stocks, pushing film by 1 or 2 stops will allow you to gain more light in exchange for more grain and contrast. Keeping it at the base ISO will mean the LC-A+ shoots at a slower shutter speed but by switching it to a higher ISO it will allow the camera to shoot faster. The results above showcase how the Berlin Kino B&W ISO 400 is pushed 2 stops to 1600. Though the grain is more pronounced, it adds a more moody and dramatic effect in low light.

Credits to rocket_fries0036

Use a Flash

If you don't want to push your film one solution is to attach a flash to the LC-A+ to brighten things up no matter the situation. An interesting feature about the camera is that the flash goes off right before the shutter closes which is known as the second curtain. This gives a more unique take on flash photography and paired up with the right flash can showcase breathtaking results.

Credits to rocket_fries0036

Seek The Light

The best thing to do when you find yourself in low light conditions is to look for a bright light source. Artificial lighting can be fun and playful depending on where you shoot. For example, revolving and changing lights during a dance party can give dreamy and otherworldly results.

Credits to rocket_fries0036

Keep Your Hands Steady

Shooting in low light requires steady hands because the camera uses a slow shutter speed to allow more light into the camera. To warn you of a slow shutter the LC-A+ will indicate this with two red lights. However the glass lens of the LC-A+ can usually use a fast shutter since it has a maximum aperture of 2.8 which is great for capturing these situations. Since the LC-A+ is automatic all need to do is breathe in and let the camera do the work.

Credits to rocket_fries0036

No doubt that the Lomo LC-A+ is a reliable camera, convenient for any occasion. For those having a hard time when the sun goes down, hopefully these tips will encourage you to embody one of Lomography's 10 Golden Rules: Use your camera any time – day and night.

We can't wait to see your low-light photos in the coming weeks! Comment down below and let us know where you're planning on take your Lomo LC-A+!

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