The Perfect Lomography Products for Every Day of the Week

Documenting key moments and highlights in one's life through photography and image-making has grown into an incredibly valuable memory-keeping tool for all generations. Understanding how the tools work for you and which would fit best into your daily routines are just as important.

Here, we have compiled a list of Lomography products that we believe would best complement each day of the week. Not so much romanticizing the everyday, but attempting to capture it in its truest form.

Monday: LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera

Credits: painkiller1990, sadlollipopmountain, lomographer_to_be, rendhar, davidalexandre & lascleuse

Vanessa Carlton said it best when she sang "making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass" in her 2002 power ballad “A Thousand Miles.” A particular line that spoke to millions of people across the globe and a line that can be closely associated with Mondays and everything the start of the weekday represents: rush hours and weekend reelings. To awaken your Monday senses, consider the LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera your trusty companion in starting the week fresh. With a build that’s wide-eyed, transit-friendly, and vignette-loving, it’s the 35 mm film camera that’ll leap, prance, and soar with you as you make your way through the day.

Pair the LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera with the Lomography Color Negative 35 mm ISO 100 and catch the morning sunlight rays radiating throughout your weekday images with the film’s rich contrast and vibrant stamp.

Tuesday: Petzval 80.5 f/1.9 MKII Bokeh Control Art Lens

Credits: hallo_physio, lomography & ixe

Tuesdays are spent easing in, commanding control of the week, and getting a firmer grip on what’s to come. Taking it in the literal sense, we have a Tuesday feeling imprinted and materialized in the New Petzval 80.5 f/1.9 MKII Bokeh Control Art Lens. The lens houses an aperture system that allows users to easily modify changes immediately, making it the go-to lens for such changes and experiments to thrive. Big on swirly bokeh that leans on vintage charms and similar other-worldly features? Give the analogue-digital hybrid lens a twirl for both stills and videos and go full speed on your creative plans. Allow the lens to add movement to the corners of your frame, prompting a skip in your step as you power through your Tuesday.

Try loading your Petzval lensed film camera with the 2021 LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400 and see how the punchy contrasts give way for muted reds to bounce off of the contact sheet and into the exposed image.

Wednesday: Lomo’Instant Automat

Credits: flyboynights, kumiko_hisa, knobbykneez, bat_rysa, mode_analogue & falsefangs

Midweek days are all for metabolizing and finding our center. One foot in, one foot out the door, inching closer to the weekend but not there yet. So, how do you find your balance? What do you find ‘grounding’?

In the analogue world, perhaps an instant camera could be a happy medium that could complement this time. The Lomo’Instant Automat Camera South Beach Edition (along with the other Automat camera editions) might fit what this specific day of the week calls for. With the instant camera line blending the analogue process and welcoming tangibility, the Lomo’Instant Automat pulls you closer into photographing your days with effortless nostalgia. This instant camera makes it possible for you to achieve such things with its fully automatic aperture, shutter speed, and flash output so you can benefit from perfectly lit instant photographs every time.

Slide in the Lomo’Instant Splitzer and see your life in different perspectives, angles, and tilts.

Thursday: Spinner 360°

Credits: ndsm, mattdoyle, serolfitnas, -dakota- & elvismartinezsmith

Cartwheel into Thursday with the Spinner 360° and spend your day spinning around analogue style. Covering all bases and filling every corner of the frame, the Spinner 360 will take you and your idea of a ‘Thursday’ on a lifetime of adventure.

What’s so freeing about this analogue panoramic camera is its ability to defy space, time, and borders. Through the exposed sprocket holes, you scale up and enter a new realm of possibilities. With just a pull of a cord, you craft images four times wider than any other film camera available.

Friday: Lomo LC-A 120

Credits: xsara, toomore, gheinz, aillen & macasaett

In true Lomography fashion, artful vignettes and daytime magic shine brightest with the Lomo LC-A 120 Film Camera’s wide-angle glass lens. Embrace that Friday feeling by pushing past the week that was and challenging the notion of what can fit within a square. Going beyond the box, the 120 camera’s size and portability make it an extremely accommodating companion for spontaneous trips around the city and out into the world — easily slip it into your bag or sling it across your chest. Loaded with the Lomography Color Negative 120 ISO 400, this versatile medium format camera and film stock duo will seamlessly complement your daytime to moonlight photographs, taking in all the colors, tones, and hues. Grab a couple more rolls with you for the day and store them in the Lomography Metal Film Case for 135 / 120.

Flash photography is also possible with the Lomo LC-A 120’s flash hotshoe. Take the Diana F+ Flash Black and explore this side of lowlight photography (see more tips on how to shoot in low light conditions here ).

Saturday: ActionSampler

Credits: takahiro, mambanegra, sarasmm, oleman & eskodisk

Build on scale and add dimensions to your Saturdays with the ActionSampler Clear. Designed to capture sharp movements, especially when on the go, the ActionSampler mimics a stop-motion picture shot on 35 mm. Tracking and documenting lived-in moments in their truest form, this quadriptych analogue collage camera is ready for anything and everything.

The best part? The ActionSampler doesn’t need any batteries. Simply load up your film and you’re ready to shoot. The Lomography Color Negative 35 mm ISO 800 would make a good match for this particular type of camera with its higher ISO — ensuring all details and elements in motion are captured.

Sunday: Diana F+ Camera & Flash

Credits: crazy_little_red_riding_hood, tomkiddo, kekskonstrukt, linuxbcn, melissaperitore, brettallensmith & lagia

A classic Sunday spent resting and recouping from the weekend. Once again, recentering and finding our footing as we warm up for another week ahead. The medium format Diana F+ Camera & Flash encourages you to slow down and lean into the finer things of analogue life. In pursuit of creating memories to last, the Diana F+ resembles a memory bank of creative treasures and slower moments perfect for crafting studies of objects and movements.

Credits: davidalexandre, julientixier & clownshoes

Long-exposure photographs through pinhole photography is a good way to experiment with momentum and the passage of time. Marking those moments as ‘timeless,’ the Lomography Grey black and white film stock collection, Earl Grey B&W 120 ISO 100 and Lady Grey B&W 120 ISO 400, bring a kind of unique quality reminiscent of a treasured memory.

What Lomo products are part of your daily rotation? What do you consider to be better "weekday" and "weekend" film stock and camera combinations?

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Lomography Diana F+

Lomography Diana F+

Take timeless and dramatic photos on 120 film with the Diana F+. Create stunning soft-focused images and customize it with sweet lenses or even an instant back for additional effects and flexibility.

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