Kota Kinabalu - A Step Close to the Heart of Borneo


Best known as Api-api among the natives, Kota Kinabalu is now one of the busiest city and major tourist attraction in Malaysia, being the capital of the state Sabah.If you’re looking to have a vacation off-the-beaten path, Kota Kinabalu is the way to go!

Yayasan Sabah is the tallest building at Kota Kinabalu. There is a revolving restaurant & bar at the highest floor of Yayasan Sabah named the @mosphere, overlooking the most beautiful sunset of Borneo that I’ve ever seen before. Best, it’s reasonably priced! Nevertheless, sitting on the stairs and benches just in front of the building, facing the sea, would give you a spectacular view too.

There is this place called the Waterfront, situated right at the city center, by the edge of the South China Sea, where many restaurants and pubs open for business all day and night long.

Coca-cola signboard by the Waterfront

Filipino Market is a huge market that sells a big range of goods from local fruits and chips, dried seafood, handicrafts and souvenirs, last but not least some very beautiful pearl jewelry (though I’m not so sure how to distinguish them from genuine to the fake ones, it still well-worth a visit for the tourists!)

During the dinner at a local seafood restaurant, there were a series of traditional performances by the local resides Kadazan tribe.

the traditional costumes and dance of Kadazan
traditional malay music instrument – the Gong

Have I forgotten to mention the Mount Kinabalu?

At a height of 4,095 meters above sea level, Mount Kinabalu has been the main reason why people came to Kota Kinabalu. Hundreds of people hike to the peak of the mountain everyday to see the beautiful sunrise.
Pitifully, I haven’t have a chance to hike the mountain yet, as I didn’t make an early arrangement to do so before I went there.

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  1. myloveletter
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    Beautiful gallery! Great story.

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    sabah bah...tempat cantik bah..gambar pun cantik bah

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    lovely!! i never been to sabah ah! :D

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    Yayasan Sabah is now named Tun Mustapha Tower!!

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    bravo write-up.
    bulih bah kalaw kaw :D

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