Synesthesia #7 Imagined Album Covers of Lomography with @PMONROE


In this edition of Synesthesia, we are featuring a member of the Lomography community, Paul (@PMONROE), who has shared a wonderful collection of photographs and music recommendations.

The theme of this edition revolves around how music and photos can act as channels to help us reconnect with lost emotions and memories. In Paul’s opinion, photographs can remind us of our personal growth and how far we have come as individuals. Similarly, he believes that music has the power to bring back collective memories and that certain songs can signify the journey and relationships we share with others. When combined, these two mediums can create a powerful and enjoyable experience of the past. Here are Paul's photo and music selections!

Credits: pmonroe

After spending half the day wandering around Tongyeong, Michelle made a comfy pillow with her padded backpack and laid up on top of a wide wall that overlooked the marina. She looked at me and smiled before closing her eyes and dreaming the day away under the winter sun without a worry or care in the world.

Songs To Listen To:
John Park (존박) - Daydreamer
Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon
Beck - True Love Will Find You in the End

Credits: pmonroe

Roaming around Noosa Heads, Australia, I came across this absolute classic. I was immediately reminded of the 1950s movies my dad and I would watch together after hearing his stories about going cruising and racing the strip without much worry about being caught by the police.

Songs To Listen To:
Booker T & the M.G.'s - Green Onions
The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash
The Doors - Break on Through (To the Other Side)

Credits: pmonroe

I was on my way back from shooting some film on a nearby street and I caught Michelle pondering and waiting for my return. I realized that I really began falling for her…

Songs To Listen To:
Def Leppard - Photograph
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Waiting
John Park (존박) - Falling

Credits: pmonroe

Seoul has a wide variety of random fun things amid its vast subway system, and this is one of them. I only had one chance to compose a quick shot before Michelle kissed me and dragged me away to get on the subway back home.

Songs To Listen To:
Queensrÿche - Real World
Dream Theater - The Mirror
Paul Oakenfold - Dark Machine

Credits: pmonroe

Texas sunsets are some of the most brilliant I’ve ever seen as the clouds look like they’ve been painted on the sky. This photo makes me miss my home country.

Songs To Listen To:
South - Paint the Silence
The Fixx - Red Skies
Lim Kim - Urban Green

Credits: pmonroe

Looking over Prague was a magical moment, and the argument that Michelle and I had the night before was put aside forever. We realized that genuine love truly conquers fear.

Songs To Listen To:
Charles Webster - Put Your Hurt Aside
Kalax - Lili

The Eagles - Love Will Keep Us Alive

Credits: pmonroe

The winds on Jeju Island can be quite fierce, but they sure do make for a lovely photo. Michelle was a good sport and understood that art was in the making. Her serene look made me not want to ever leave the shoreline we shared all alone that day.

Songs To Listen To:
FM-84 - Goodbye (feat. Clive Farrington)
The Dream Academy - The Edge of Forever
Iron and Wine - Love and Some Verses

We thank Paul (@PMONROE) for sharing his music selections, photos, and his lovely words. Make sure to keep up with him on his LomoHome.

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