Der Düsseldorfer Rheinturm

Whoever visits Düsseldorf should take the time to visit the Rhine Tower. It became famous as the the city’s landmark and has reached a celebrity status so to speak. Check out your souvenir coffee mug at home – it might have the Rhine Tower’s photo!

The Rhine tower is the most popular and the highest building of Düsseldorf. It is very well known and also a popular photo for local t-shirts, bags, badges and more that are bought from patriotic people of Düsseldorf.

The Rhine tower is the television tower of the city, located next to the Rhine river. It was constructed from 1978 to 1982 and is the 10th highest television tower in Germany. At the entrance, it has a round world time clock. With the lift, it is possible to reach the platforms high above and to take advantage of the great view all over the city! There is a cafeteria, one closed view platform and one opened (which is very windy!). Every tourist visiting the city should have been there!

The Rhine tower is very good visible from the old town of Düsseldorf, and in the evening and during the night, it is possible to read the actual time from the lightened points at the outside.

For those, who visit the Rhine tower, it is recommended to visit directly the media harbor, which is also very beautiful and in the same area!

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