Lost on Mars - A LomoChrome Purple Album by @a2mfilm


The LomoChrome Purple's versatility stems from artists' and avid users' curiosity to apply the film stock to different concepts and environments. We've seen it used in portraits, on holidays, documenting abandoned places, and more.

Today, we're featuring Thai photographer Arm's (@a2mfilm) Lost in Mars album featuring the color-shifting film and the Pentax 645 medium format camera. Arm's photos tickle the mind and offer an idiosyncratic, playful view of a marooned astronaut on a distant planet. Let's get into it!

Credits: a2mfilm

Film photographer Arm started shooting analogue as a hobby three years ago. Street photography enticed him initially, and he then moved into portrait photography. Up until now he still mostly works with film.

According to him, he likes using LomoChrome Purple in particular whenever he wants to experience something new in photography and get creative results, such as in his album Lost in Mars.

When I got the files from the lab, the result surprised me and I was fascinated with the color. It made the location look like another planet to me, because of the color-shift from the original. I've used the LomoChrome Purple a long time ago, when I also shot the concept of twins in a flower field.
Credits: a2mfilm

Arm said he was inspired by the 2015 movie The Martian to portray a lone inhabitant's journey of discovering and exploring an area to look for signs of life and a means of survival.

I very much appreciated the results and the feedback. The album Lost in Mars is all about an astronaut girl who gets lost in Mars. While she travels around she sees a river and waters the flowers. She only has flowers as her friend. Then the flowers bloom all over the body.
The inspiration for this concept of flowers and space helmet also reference the movie The Martian, where the main character plants potatoes on Mars.
Credits: a2mfilm

On executing the concept for the photoshoot, Arm said he also selected the costume and items which he said would most likely fit and stand out in the location.

A three-hour drive away from Thailand's capital, Bangkok, the scenic Grand Canyon in Ratchaburi is known for its seemingly out-of-this-world atmosphere, a befitting location for Arm and his team's concept to come alive.

Credits: a2mfilm
The location I selected for this concept is the Grand Canyon in Ratchaburi. As you can see, the location has a wide area with a rock mountain and sand that looks like Mars.
I worked with two other photographers and the model.
The weather was hot for the model who was wearing the jump-suit and space helmet; we needed to work under the sun and walk around to get good positions for the shoot but we supported each other while doing the project.

We'd like to thank Arm for sharing his work with us! To keep in touch, visit his LomoHome and Instagram Page.

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