Shooting The New LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 in 110 Format


110 cameras are a mighty powerful tool to have in your photography bag. As compact as a pack of tissues, they go unnoticed when we shoot on the street. We can pull them out of our pockets in a flash, and shoot without anyone noticing.

We have tested the new LomoChrome Color ’92 110 ISO 400 on the streets of Austria and Scotland, two very different environments, to get a variety of results.

Photo credit: Elisa Parrino

A Sense Of Freedom

While wondering around, it is pleasant to be able to observe and enter into symbiosis with the environment in which we find ourselves. Let ourselves be carried away as if hypnotized by the relentless rhythm. Life constantly passes before our eyes, we scrutinize and decide what speaks to us and what we want to convey.

When we are focused simply on what we want to shoot, the camera becomes an extension of our eyes. This act can be considered the quintessence of photography, especially for street photography, where our ultimate goal is not to be distracted by technical concerns but only to be able to focus solely on our subjects.

Photo credit: Elisa Parrino

Light And Grain

The color palette of this film is beautifully reflected in the 110 format. LomoChrome Color 92 performs at his best with direct, glaring light.

But it was a pleasure to note that even in less favorable conditions, the film still showed its character without taking low blows from shadows and cloudy days. As a pillar at the base of any photographic composition, we should always keep in mind to use light to our advantage to make a dynamic, interesting, and engaging photograph.

When shooting with the LomoChrome Color '92, the light will surely enhance this film's best side. It will only benefit from the deliberate use of light and shadow. The highlights will shine, and the shadows, creating a dramatic contrast, will bring your image to life.

Photo credit: Elisa Parrino

The composition can be challenging with this tiny viewfinder, therefore there should be a level of confidence when shooting in fast pace environments. Trust your guts! There may be occasional disappointments when getting your film back from developing, but do not despair. Learn to practice acceptance toward the unexpected results that are an inevitable part of the analogue workflow.

In this format, the grain of this film is not for the faint of heart. The considerably smaller size of this film means that the resolution will be lower, and your scans will show the beautiful grain structure.

Head to the shop and make sure to fill your stash of LomoChrome Color '92.

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LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 110 Film

This new, unique color negative emulsion provides a burst of retro charm and classic analogue character in any film shooting scenario.


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    I loved it more than in 35mm ... but less than in 120 :-D

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