Shatin, Hong Kong


What lies in Shatin, Hong Kong is very close to my heart. A river that is full of dreams and fond memories. I believe that everyone has their every own ‘red river village’. Red river village is a symbolism, a place that represented one self’s ‘era’

Shing mun river is located in Shatin, Hong Kong. Beside the river, are high rise housings, commercial and industrial buildings, with bridges along the river for the convenience of the locals.

Shatin’s Shing Mun River is my ‘red river village’. These twenty odd years, I have lived in Shatin, even when I moved, Shing mun river is still near where I am. When I was young, my family would take a stroll along the river after supper, but as I became older, work and social life kept me away from doing so. However I still manage to do the stroll after morning tea with my parents.

Apart from taking a walk, I would also jog, bike ride, daze and it’s also a good place to look at the moon and talk secretly with friends. Over the recent years, Shing Mun River changed a lot. Its unpleasant smell has gone, all the bikes are gone, having those rent-a-bike stores from 10 or so to only a few now, the only thing that did not change is love.

Shing mun River is my memory of growing up, gave me countless memories with my partners and friends. Every year during Shatin festival, mid-autumn festival, new year and Christmas, lights would be put up along the bridges on Shing Mun river and during dragon boat racing hundreds of people would gather here to take pictures, my red river village is Shing Mun River, what about yours?

how to get there:
go straight infront of new town plaza and you’ll get there in 10mins

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  1. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    Love it! Love the gallery! Want to go! Buy me a plan ticket, pleasssse!

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Warm loving place and pretty MINI pics::))

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