A Slice of 110 Life with Film Photographer @amanachan


Lomographer @amanachan has mastered the art of capturing pockets of light in daily doses. Armed with her Minolta Pocket Autopak 450E and a handful of Lomography Color Tiger 200 film rolls, she takes us through the ins and outs of girlhood, everyday life, and her growing film camera collection.

Read below as we speak with @amanachan about her film journey thus far and what it's like capturing life in 110 film.

Credits: amanachan

Hi Amana! Welcome to Lomography Magazine! Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Hello! My name is amanachan. I usually take portraits and my concept is always “kawaii.” I always carry my film camera and try to capture precious moments and memories. At work I inspect and clean film cameras, so I never spend a day without cameras.

What is it like living in Japan? What is the creative and film photography scene like for you?

You can find old stores anywhere in Japan, so you can easily feel nostalgia. Those scenes where I feel “Showa” triggers my urge to take photos. In those retro spaces, there is a timeless, melancholic feel mixed with a warm atmosphere. I also like to spend time alone at old cafes having puddings and melon soda floats.

Tell us about your background in film photography. When did you first learn about it?

I used to use disposable cameras until highschool, but my sister gave me a Lomography fisheye when I was in college. That’s the start of my film camera life. Later I bought a Diana Mini, and I think I started to shoot more at the time.

Credits: amanachan

From the pictures you’ve taken with your 110 film camera, do you have a favorite one, and can you tell us about it?

Fashion store in Harajuku, with kids sitting in front of the store. At the time everyone was wearing rabbit hats with moving ears, and I saw these kids at the store. I knew I had to take a picture. I like it because it shows the kids’ free, relaxed manner.

Credits: amanachan

What does the 110 film format represent in your life? How does it stand out on its own amongst the other film cameras you have?

My little secondary camera for projects. 110 cameras are so tiny they feel like a toy, making my models relax more, so I can capture them in a relaxed, candid manner. I get to see the models from a different perspective.

You have a unique vision for your photographs. I noticed most of the photos taken with your 110 format camera show everyday life. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I like to capture everyday moments. When I take street snaps and pictures of my friends, I try not to think too much but instead to capture the unposed beauty. The moments I like are the moments I capture.

You own and have shot with a Lomo LC-A+, Lomo LC-Wide, LomoApparat, Lomo'Instant Square Glass, Lomo'Instant Automat, and a Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens. What made you decide to buy a 110 film camera?

I like to try different cameras, so every time I went to a thrift store I would buy a camera. One day I found a Minolta Pocket Autopak 450E. I remember getting excited because the shape of the camera was landscape-oriented.

Credits: amanachan

Any other 110 film stocks you are looking to try out next?

I want to try color-shift films. I use LomoChrome Purple in 35 mm, but I want to try it in 110. I haven’t used the Turquoise, so I’m also interested to try this out.

Do you have any tips or tricks for shooting with 110 film?

Since the camera is small, make sure to hold it tight to avoid camera shakes!

What is one thing you want to explore further? Do you have a dream project?

I tried double exposure with the Simple Use Camera, so I’m curious to see if I can do a similar experiment with Instant cameras. As there is this technique to place a transparent sheet with patterns on a film, it’d be fun to try something similar on an instax film.

Credits: amanachan

What does film photography mean to you in your life?

For me, film is a tool to decorate your memories. With the limited number of exposures each shot preserves your memories even more vividly. Anyone can easily take beautiful pictures, but I will continue to shoot film.

We'd like to thank @amanachan for sharing her film journey with us! To view more of her film photographs, visit her LomoHome here.

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