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In the current era, people find it easy to document and share their daily routines using social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. They can quickly capture and share moments from their lives with the help of high-quality phone cameras. Tak Iwasaki (@Takezzo) created his personal visual diary using analogue photography as his main source of capturing his day-to-day routines. He used his LomoHome to document both mundane life and thrilling out-of-town adventures using mostly his Lomo LC-A and other Lomography cameras. Today, we will revisit Takezzo's LomoHome to see how he shared his part of the world with the rest of the community.

Credits: takezzo

During his time studying film production and photography in New York in the 1990s, Tak was introduced to Lomography through one of his professors. However, as he had his own style of shooting, he didn't pay much attention to it at the time. It wasn't until the 2000s when a friend showed him pictures taken using a Lomo LC-A, that Tak became interested in Lomography. Impressed by the unique and captivating photos, he soon acquired his own Lomo LC-A which became one of his favorite cameras for life.

I still love my Nikon F3 with a 50 mm f/1.4 lens, but considering its portability I would choose LC-A for daily use.
Credits: takezzo

Tak's photos present an intimate look into his life, and his style revolves around personal photos. Speaking about his style before Lomography, he talks about how everything changed after getting a Lomo LC-A.

Until I laid my hands upon my first LC-A, I mostly worked on bulky Nikon SLRs working on B&W photos in precisely framed composition. Now my photo style is more subject-oriented and quite personal, I guess I got more interested in colors than before and almost stopped shooting on monochrome films. My photo style became more personal and I take photos as if I’m writing a personal journal or diary. It’s pretty much like people enjoying social media like Facebook or Instagram posting their daily photos.
Credits: takezzo

His slice-of-life photography does not stop with the LC-A. He has used other Lomography cameras such as the Diana F+, Horizon Perfekt, Lomography SuperSampler, and Lomography Fisheye No.2. From travels around Japan, to nights playing mahjong with friends, no subject is left untouched.

Credits: takezzo

Tak shared an update on his LomoHome earlier this year, featuring glimpses of his life in Tokyo from 2022. His photos range from majestic landscapes to quaint scenes in cafes, providing a fascinating insight into his daily experiences. Even if he has been away, he still keeps in touch with other longtime Lomographers and Lomography Pioneers such as @wil6ka, @vicuna, @satomi, @akabee, and @orangebird.

The price of film stock and development increased drastically in the last 5-10 years here in Japan. To save some cost I wait till I finish several rolls before mailing them to the affordable lab for development. I just mailed some RedScale films and am waiting for the results
Credits: takezzo

@Takezzo continues to showcase his artistic talent through his daily Instagram posts. While he embraces the digital age, he still cherishes the unique experience of shooting with film - the click of the lever, the weight of the camera in his hand. Nevertheless, his photography style remains impeccable. In a heartfelt message to the Lomography community, Tak expresses encouragement and love for the analogue life.

If we stop shooting, they will stop selling film stocks and close labs. We all know that film photography is an expensive hobby, but we need to keep shooting to protect the industry. Let’s all enjoy the film photography till the last drop!

Lomography Pioneers is an ongoing tribute to our earliest community members, whose stories and photographs helped shape our thriving online community into what it is today—diverse, creative, and inspiring. See the Lomographers we've featured so far!

You can keep up with Tak on his LomoHome and on his Instagram.

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