Honor Roll: LomoChrome Color ‘92 Shots From the Community


It hasn't been long since the LomoChrome Color ’92 35 mm ISO 400 was launched as a new addition to our LomoChrome film series. A film stock that fervently springs into frame with its spectrum of charming blues, dialled back tones, and a classic grain structure, it's one that’s favored by seasoned film photographers, enthusiasts, and analogue photography newcomers alike. Now, two months since its release and with hundreds of photos shared to our community platform, we have expanded the experience, covering all bases and launching the Color ‘92 in 120 and 110 formats.

Still curious about how your photos would turn out with the LomoChrome Color ‘92? Waiting for your film to be scanned and developed from the lab? Or are you going back and forth debating which film format to try out first? Regardless of what stage you find yourself at, rest assured that the film stock is as versatile as it can get and is here to stay.

See our curated selection of standout photos taken by members of the Lomography community with their LomoChrome Color ’92 35 mm ISO 400 film rolls. Take a peek into what this special film stock has to offer and the kind of magic it brings to the analogue community.

Credits: amp_puttipong, jy_snaps & ontdec19

An ode to the early 90s – more specifically 1992, the year Lomography was founded – it’s no secret that the film roll was designed to be reminiscent of the colors, imagery, and memories of that time. A distinct yet extremely universal color palette that celebrates the beauty of mundanity in everyday life, this film stock may also be considered as your friendly neighborhood color negative. One that you can take around town, in and out of streets, at any time of the day.

Credits: dupdupdee & 7-a

Community members from all over the world have proved that their film cameras loaded with LomoChrome Color ‘92 aren’t put aside once the sun has set. It’s a film stock that works with you and is a great companion as you go about your days and nights – not limited to any specific environment or time of the day.

Credits: jasonyuen, dupdupdee, jy_snaps & rocket_fries0036

The film stock has been described as flexible, vintage, and nostalgic. A color negative that is not afraid of too much light yet also thrives in cool temperatures (literally and figuratively). Compared to its partner LomoChrome films such as the Turquoise, Purple, and Metropolis, it does not pull you in and surprise you in the kind of way these three color-shifting film stocks do. But, what the LomoChrome Color ‘92 does achieve in doing is bringing about a very much endearing quality to your photographs; having the ability to remind you of treasured memories of the past, as if you were sifting through old photo albums from the 90s.

Credits: ontdec19, theofromgreece & zekiphone

Overall – in transit, in stillness, and even in water – this film stock will continue to draw people in through its natural versatility and retro charm. The LomoChrome Color ‘92 signals a new shift in the field of analogue photography and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.

Credits: jamiemphoto, tesatscad, damieninbred, jakobsohm & zekiphone

Feeling inspired to get out and shoot on film? We’d love to see more of your photos taken with the LomoChrome Color ‘92! Share them with us at Lomography through creating your own LomoHome and joining the community!

Head to your nearest local film store and see the LomoChrome Color ‘92 series in person! Or order online in 35 mm, 120, and 110 on the Lomography website.

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LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 35 mm Film

This new, unique color negative emulsion provides a burst of retro charm and classic analogue character in any film shooting scenario.

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