Tracing Lines and Chasing Lights With @Whosloddi

Lines are found all around us – literally and figuratively.

Carole King once said, “Where you lead, I will follow” – a line ingrained in the hearts and minds of those who consider the artist’s album “Tapestry,” award-winning musical “Beautiful,” and/or television show “Gilmore Girls” a memorable part of their lives.

Because we are a platform for all things film and photography, when taken literally and within the context of analogue photography, King's popularly belted line could arguably pertain to the compositional technique of leading lines. Thus, this very lyric is what comes to mind when viewing Charlotte’s (@whosloddi) vignettes.

Credits: whosloddi

A Berlin-based freelance photographer and Lomography community member, Charlotte regularly photographs her hometown and latest travels around other cities in Europe, specifically Paris and Vienna, from day to night, on film.

Credits: whosloddi

With a trusty Olympus OM2 glued to the hip, her growing body of work greatly emphasizes the lines that connect us and structures that surround us. We find subjects facing towards different sources of light and trailing down everyday sketched out paths. Choosing to frame them through the use of windows, mirrors, and doors, invites viewers into her perspective of our world; leading us into the elements that both strike and inspire her.

“I work with lines and compositions to keep order in an image. I consider this to be my anchor for every good photo. They often give my picture more depth too. Blur, movement, and reflections are exciting for me as the photos usually turn out to be more vivid and special.”
Credits: whosloddi

What compositional techniques stand out most in your photographs? Feel free to comment down below and upload your photos here on Lomography! We'd like to thank Charlotte for sharing her photos with us! See more of her work @whosloddi.

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