Traveling With the LomoKino: The Ultimate Tool for Analogue Video Makers

In a world where making creative work that is engaging and unique is a constant challenge, there is no better tool to make you stand out from the crowd than the LomoKino.

On social media there is an emphasis on creating short videos to share in the form of stories or reels. The LomoKino is the best tool for the analogue shooter and low-fi lover that wishes to keep up with the current trends of quick and interactive videos on these platforms – without compromising your analogue soul.

One of the most cherished moments to share online for everyone is when we go on adventures and travels. If you are traveling solo, rest assured that this little camera is definitely a head turner and a friend maker. No matter where you go people will be curious about it. Many inquired about our film making machine, how it works and what we were doing.

This camera's lightweight system and compact size makes it ideal for long days out and about. It becomes quite easy to have it hanging at your side, ready to record every scene.

We found that handling it like you would carry a medium format camera gives us good confidence in framing the landscape. There is a small viewfinder if you need some guidance, but it is also liberating to simply point and film without worrying too much, since there is a generous 25 mm focal length that will accommodate all that you see in front of you.

When using the LomoKino it is good to be mindful while advancing the crank. Your speed will determine how many frames you will be able to obtain. Usually, there are about 3 to 4 frames per second at full speed. This will leave you with 13 seconds of footage per roll. The perfect length for social media sharing.

If you're using the LomoLab they will put together a Mp4 file for you. Frames are scanned in the size of 35 mm, which means that in one conventional frame, there are 3 and a half frames from the LomoKino.

Our LomoLab offers an all-round service: developing, scanning, and editing so that you don't have to worry. You will receive your file ready to share. If you do wish to make some edits, an Mp4 file is editable on many software programs. More importantly, you will receive every single frame, so you can have creative control over your editing process and cut and paste each frame to your liking.

Are you looking forward to your next trip with a LomoKino in your hand?

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Are you ready to set your images in motion? With the LomoKino, you can shoot a movie of up to 144 frames on any 35 mm film. No sound, no special effects, no post production — just simple Lomography in motion. Hit the close-up button to shoot at just 0.6 m away from your subject, and fit a flash to the hot-shoe attachment to light up your cinematic scenes. Once you've wrapped up your shoot, you can admire your 144 frames as individual shots, or use our app to turn them into an analogue movie. Kick it back to old-school Hollywood and become an analogue filmmaker today!

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