Dear Young Shutterbugs, Keep Moving Forward! - A Letter from @adi_totp


Who the hell are Lomographers, really? We come in all shapes, sizes and choice of cameras and film, but for sure one thing that unites this group of people is free-spiritedness and a heartwarming approach to photography.

Lomographer Adi Prakarsa has been a part of the community for 15 years. In that span of time he's become friends with fellow film photographers around the world and finally joined the Lomography team this year. We asked Adi about his advice to young shutterbugs who may be considering dipping their toes into the craft.

In this final edition of Dear Young Shutterbugs, we're putting the series to bed with a few wise words from Adi including a piece of advice that transcends photography: keep moving forward!

Let's get into his letter!

Credits: adi_totp

I think I started to shoot with film when I was to graduate high school. During that time, I saw my father's Canon AE-1 SLR camera and I asked my father to teach me how to use an analogue camera. The first thing he taught me was how to put a 35 mm film into the camera and since then I have already put hundreds or even maybe thousands films into the camera.

Yes, time flies and now it's 2023, I still shoot film because I want to remember things, and add the fact that shooting makes me happy. Shooting film makes me happy to be precise.

Credits: adi_totp

All my university friends were using Lomography cameras around 2007. I was curious at that time because I thought, 'What the hell is Lomography?' My friends taught me then. Not long after that I bought my very first Lomography camera which was the Fisheye No.2! Since then my collection of Lomography cameras has grown.

My favorite memories with the community is every time we do these long LomoWalks. It's something to remember because during those walks I get to know people, and so many people who share the same LomoLove as me. After all these years, I still manage to keep in touch with them and some of them I've became friends with, even best friends. What more could I ask for?

Credits: adi_totp

There's no such thing as 'best' or 'worst' photo in my experience. I think what I'm trying to say is that you must take photos that matter to you so one day you can remember why you took that photo.

I want to remember things. That's why I take many photos and upload them onto my LomoHome. For the sake of documenting memories, yes, something like that.

I'm so lucky enough to be able to collect these Lomography cameras and I manage to use at least one of them in a month. I mean, for May, I used the LomoApparat, Lomo LC-A+ and Lomo LC-Wide then in June I used the Lubitel.

Credits: adi_totp

It's about rotating these cameras into good use, and maybe I shoot a frame of Lubitel then I roll it and use it the next month so I won't know exactly what I shot last month. Maybe this approach doesn't suit hardcore Lomographers out there but for me it's about taking your time and taking my cameras to shoot everything that I want to remember.

I like to shoot people. I don't mean portraits. I like to document a scene with people in it. It can be a group selfie using the LomoApparat or just an intimate selfie using the Lomo LC-A+ or LC-Wide. During my younger years, I was able to travel here and there and even managed to shoot a lot of film during my travels, it was something to remember.

To be honest, nowadays I take photos for two reasons: one, for my personal documentation and two, for my professional life. I know it can be hard sometimes to differentiate it but as times goes by I managed to adapt to it and just shoot, mostly using my feelings and my experience.

Credits: adi_totp

In January, I was travelling to Yogyakarta to attend my cousin's wedding. I stayed there for around five days. When I got back home in Bandung, I opened my email and my Facebook. There were two messages, one was about using my Lomokino shots for the online magazine and one was an offer to test several Lomography products.

I remember I replied to these messages and there was a moment that made me think about the idea of working for Lomography. I just sent an email then. . . Voila! I'm working for Lomography now. My favorite aspect of my work is getting to know so many people, I mean I already knew them before but now I'm talking and working with them.

Getting to know them and learning day by day from them is such an experience. Besides that, I have the chance to meet people who are interested to collaborate with us here in Lomography.

There's too many to mention but I think these are main highlights of working here for around four months, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's coming in the near future. Wish me luck, guys!

Credits: adi_totp

Film photography in Indonesia is way more interesting now compared to my past experience. Maybe during my days, people had limited information about film photography but at the moment people have gained easier access to film photography.

For example, in June I had the chance to initiate a workshop as part of Lomography's Art School Project, which is a global project. So during the workshop I had the chance to meet a lot of young people, students who were encountering Lomography for the first time. Their curiosity showed they have genuine interest towards Lomography.

After processing their films in the photo lab, I was amazed by the results! I mean, their first rolls were so good! This valuable experience made me realize that we need to do more offline events so young people in Indonesia will get to know more and more about Lomography. Lomo on! Never off!

Credits: adi_totp

Dear young shutterbug out there who is reading this letter, I just want to say that you are starting a great journey. Please keep being curious and never be satisfied.

Just go out there and shoot, and shoot something that matters to you – something that you will remember or helps you remember. Don't forget to shoot people around you! It can be your family, your friends, your loved ones, or maybe even your pet!

Don't think too much about the result and remember to shoot when the sun is up! You will be amazed by the result of including the sun in your photos! There are no exact must-do things as a photographer. Try to enjoy moments and just embrace everything around you, but remember to bring your camera with you. You could shoot a photograph that will keep you going.

Be brave and take chances! And remember, keep moving forward!

We'd like to thank Adi for sharing his images and stories with us over the years! Visit his LomoHome to keep in touch.

Through this series, we hope to inspire a new generation of film photographers to dip their toes into the craft and learn from the adventures and advice of some of our long-standing community members. You may view all letters here.

We'd also like to thank everyone who has participated and read the Dear Young Shutterbugs! It's been quite the journey. See you on our next series!

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    Also gotta love his multiple exposures @candeeland and @hervinsyah! Thank you for reading and also to Epin for being part of the series!

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