Catching Waves with @bricepfff, the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab Underwater Housing


Photographer @bricepfff is not afraid of taking risks. That's why he went out to face the waves with his Lomo LC-A+ and its Krab Underwater Housing. In his photo series featuring sprockets for an undeniably analogue look, he takes on the waves and captures the energy of a raw, intense and organic shooting. He wanted to control the entire creative process of his photos, and chose to use our DigitaLIZA+ Scanning Kit to create high contrast images that translate the authenticity of the moment.

Credits: @bricepfff with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab

Hello Brice, and welcome to our Magazine! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello Lomography, thanks for welcoming me into the community! It's an honor. My name is Brice and I'm 38. I've lived in Aix-en-Provence for the past twenty years. I was an art enthusiast from an early age, being especially fascinated by raw and primitive art, and I took up many creative activities myself: drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture... But I as grew in age, and pursued a career as an accountant, I somewhat lost some of my creativity. Meeting Gregory, from the Novoid Plus shop, was a key event. He's the one who introduced me to photography. I started taking moodshots of products against a white background, and then I moved to more creative projects for social media. Now, I couldn't live without photography!

When did you start shooting film? What did you find appealing about it?

I started shooting film after the first lockdown. During Covid, I had the chance to discuss with several photographers who specialize in analogue photography, and they shared their passion for this medium with me. The very minute we were allowed to go out again, I borrowed an old Olympus Mju from my father and went out with a friend to shoot two or three rolls. I absolutely loved it. It gave me a taste of that freedom I was certainly missing when using my digital cameras. And having a limit on the number of photos I can take changes everything for me.

Credits: @bricepfff with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab

Why did you choose the Lomo LC-A+ and Krab Underwater Housing for this shoot?

After doing some research, I realized that the Krab offered the best quality-price ratio for underwater equipment. I didn't want to blow my budget with an expensive waterproof case for my digital cameras, and I already had the Lomo LC-A+, so I only needed to buy the Krab to be able to shoot underwater.

Credits: @bricepfff with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab

What is the concept behind this photo series?

It was an expression of my longing for adventure. My shoots with digital cameras are always pleasant to do, but I can't really enjoy the moment when I'm working with digital. I managed to convince a friend, without whom that project could never have come to fruition, to be my model for this shooting. I wanted to take every possible risk, as I know I always take better pictures in these conditions. As such, we went to the sea with only four rolls of film and no other equipment - no diving mask, no snorkel and no flip-flops. I just wanted to see what would come of it, but we had so much fun taking these pictures that I was 100% sure the results would blow my mind.

Credits: @bricepfff with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab

What did you like about the Lomo LC-A+? What was your first impression?

When I received it, I was shocked by its size! I thought it was perfect, I had finally found a camera I could take with me everywhere. And when I got the result of the first film I shot with it, I thought – finally, a camera with a big personality! It's exactly what I was looking for.

Did you find the Krab easy to use? Did you enjoy shooting with it?

It virtually changes nothing to the use of the Lomo LC-A+. The LC-A+ fits perfectly into the case, you just have to close it and you're ready to go. For the record, my friends are usually not very willing to be photographed, but when I told them that I wanted to shoot underwater, they all wanted to be my models! If you're experiencing the same resistance from your entourage, maybe pitching the idea of shooting at sea could change their mind.

Credits: @bricepfff with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab

What's your favorite photo from this shoot?

The photo that shows the move of a wave, because it gave me the exact result I wanted to achieve. I took a lot of risks just to take the picture. I had my focus set at 0.8m, and I knew it would hurt when the wave would hit me – the sea was out of control that day. Sure enough, it hurt quite a lot!

Credits: @bricepfff with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab

You also used our DigitaLIZA+ Scanning kit. In your opinion, does our scanning kit offer advantages you cannot find when you have your photos developed by a lab?

My lab does an amazing job, but I always thought I needed to control the entire process of creation of my photos. So, I decided to digitize them using the DigitaLIZA+ and a flatbed scanner. The scanning kit enables me to control the overall look of my photos. And it's very important for me to keep the sprockets when I digitize my films.

Do you have any advice for those who want to try out the Lomo LC-A+?

I would say it's a camera that allows you to be very creative. You shouldn't hesitate to push its limits. With this camera, you have some control over the focusing mechanism, and it's very fun to experiment with that feature. For those who wish to try out underwater photography, I recommend choosing a beach without sand to get punchy contrasts. And don't forget the zoom effect of water: for instance, when the focus is set at 0.8m, it's actually better to be one meter away from your subject. Of course, you have to clean your equipments carefully after use. And finally, even if the sea is the ideal playground for experimental photography, it can be quite unforgiving. You should always stay safe and avoid taking risks.

Credits: @bricepfff with the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab

Do you have any exciting projects coming up in the near future?

I had the chance, last year, to exhibit my pictures at the Ruban Vert gallery in Aix-en-Provence, as a solo artist. It really was an amazing experience to gather so many people around my photos! I want to keep doing that sort of things, and if I can collaborate with other photographers, I'll do it. I recommend that experience to all photographers, professional or not. I know lots of good photographers who won't dare accept when offered a venue for an exhibition, because they don't believe in their work. My advice is to never turn that sort of opportunity down! It really made me grow as a photographer. And in addition to exhibitions, I'd like to find some funding to create photobooks and publish them. Photobooks are another one of my passions!

And finally, for what type of photography would you recommend using the Lomo LC-A+?

I recommend the LC-A+ to all the photographers who want a camera they can take with them everywhere they go. The lens of the LC-A+ is good enough to use in a professional setting, but the camera is perfect as well for trips and vacations. It produces photos with a truly nostalgic look!

Make sure to follow Brice's Instagram page to see more of his pictures.

written by leilawithani on 2023-07-12 #gear #people

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