Tetapanalog on the Lomography ActionSampler and the Success of His Tiktok Film Content


Abiyoga Pamungkas (@tetapanalog) has reviewed film and cameras on his TikTok channel for years now, garnering a sizeable following of young analogue-heads and seasoned photographers alike. He covers everything from fun, experimental "don't think, just shoot" tipsters, to topics of film scarcity in Indonesia. Abiyoga recently tested out the ActionSampler for the first time and talked to us about the experience.

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Welcome back to Lomography Magazine! We last spoke in 2019 so it's been a while. First off, tell us what you've been up to over the last few years.

Hello! Nice to reunite with the Lomography team again! In the last three years we’ve been apart I have still been experimenting with analogue cameras and film. Since then, I also created a business for wedding photography with film. It was a huge step but I am full of appreciation for the excitement from the market. Other than that, I also create alternative prints with cyanotype, anthotype and using wet printing to turn my digital images to physical prints!

We’re all dying to know, when and how did you get into analogue photography?

It started when I was in Junior High School in 2009/2010. My very first camera the was Lomography ColorSplash! If you believe in falling in love at first sight, this happened to me when I got the results from my first rolls developed! The color tones were amazing and the fun experience made my heart stick to this hobby, so I have continued to shoot film ever since.

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What or who inspires you to keep shooting in analogue?

I am inspired by Daniel Arnold. He is my role model and what propels me to continually shoot in analogue. This hobby was never cheap, but I find happiness in it and it makes me come alive. This is why I will continue to shoot in analogue.

How did you like shooting with the ActionSampler? Is it something you will incorporate in your repertoire?

Lomography will never stop creating amazing products! The ActionSampler is a one-of-a-kind gem that Lomography produces. This camera is stunning and I really loved shooting with it. If we only focus on creating “amazing” pictures with Bokeh Lenses for instance we forget the joy of creating simple, fun pictures. The ActionSampler has the capability to create these pictures in one shot. As a four-panel grid printed as a single photograph, you can enjoy the movement of these pictures as a sequence, or you can edit them and turn the images into a GIF!

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Do you have any tips for people using the ActionSampler for the first time?

I would say to use high ISO film (400 or more) to produce a brighter image because this camera has a fixed aperture of f/10 which means it lets in less light. My second tip is you need to photograph something in a relatively high speed motion to be able to create variety in each frame within a single shot because this camera has a shutter speed of 1/100. Lastly, this camera has no internal or external flash, so make sure to shoot outdoors on a bright day or with another source of a lot of light!

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Have fun with the ActionSampler, like I did. And don’t forget Lomography Golden Rule #10: “Don’t worry about any rules!”

How was shooting with Lomography Redscale XR ISO 50 - 200 and with Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400 ?

I was amazed with these two films. I really love how the sightly red and yellowish tint of the Redscale XR makes images look cinematic. The range of exposure latitude, from 50 - 200, also meant I could shoot on a very low ISO of 50 to create brighter yellow tones, and change colors with higher ISOs. With a range of maximum 200, it means the film is great for shooting in all outdoor conditions – even in cloudy weather.

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Lady Grey 400 was fun to shoot with! I tried to use the flash for indoor scenes to create more direct light for objects in frame and to separate the highlights from the shadows to create sharp images. I do not always enjoy shooting in Black and White but I like the nice contrast and tone of the Lady Grey.

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You’re skilled in many different photographic processes and even teach about it, such as the cyanotype workshop you gave. Can you tell us more about your experiments?

I tried making cyanotypes for the first time in 2020. I have conducted a lot of experiments with cyanotypes and many other alternative printing techniques including anthotype with spinach and curcumin! I like cyanotype the most since it is the most economical and easy to create with.

In my experiments I print on watercolor paper as well as on other surfaces too (such as egg shells, tea bags, boxes of roll film and even a goat’s skull). I’ve been experimenting for over a year and have learned almost everything about cyanotypes. I have held workshops to share this magical experiment, five to be exact, across different cities in Indonesia including Bandung, Bali and Jakarta. I hope one day to hold a bigger workshop so I can share this old printing technique with everyone!

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Your TikTok videos are so fun to watch! What motivates you to keep making videos on TikTok? And do you find that a lot of your followers get interested in analogue photography from watching your reels?

Of course there’s a big push to follow trends on social media. TikTok is a big platform and we need to learn how to exist on this type of social media. What I really like on TikTok is that this platform connects video content to people that do not know one another previously, and creates connections through followers. I have a wider following on TikTok than on Instagram, as on Instagram most of my followers are fellow hobbyists while my followers range from beginners to analogue photography lovers on TikTok. So TikTok really helped me expand my network.

My content on TikTok references and is affected by the current situation of film being so expensive. I share tips on how and why to still keep shooting with film despite the rising costs and this in part influences people’s drive to explore film.

What’s film photography and the analogue community in Indonesia like?

Film photography in Indonesia is not great. To break it down:
A. Labs struggle to find chemical developers to develop films.
B. The film price is increasing significantly.
C. Old digital cameras are starting to replace the analogue photography fad since they are easier and cheaper to purchase.

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That being said, we still have a good and strong analogue community such as Analog Friendship in Bandung and The Film Collectives in Bali. They always create occasions to make everyone feel welcome to shoot analogue and guide them along the way.

What is one thing you have been dying to explore further (anything from a place to a particular subject)? What is your dream project?

Last year, I created a Music Video with a Super 8 Camera for a legendary indie band from Bandung called Polyester Embassy. I hope it will come out soon so I can share the video with everyone. Aside from this dream that I’ve checked off my list, I still have the dream of being invited to the factory where all things Lomography are produced, so as to know more about how film is produced and distributed!

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What’s coming up for you in the future? Any new projects in the works?

I usually release a photo zine every year, and have been doing so since 2019. Last year, I created my favourite of all photo zines I’ve done called “Menjadi Biasa” which you can check out through this link (Password: kopinikmattidakbikinkembung). All featured photos were shot on analogue cameras.

This year 2023, I would really love to create something different. I would like to combine analogue photography with old prints and make an interactive-exhibition for it.

Anything else you would like to add?

Another thing about analogue photography to add is to enjoy this phase we’re going through now, and keep shooting film while it lasts!

Thank you to Abiyoga for sharing his work with us. Don't forget to check out his Instagram and TokTok.

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