Bielefeld: The Siegfriedplatz


There’s this little place that draws me in every time I go out of the house. Everybody in Bielefeld knows it: the “Siggi”. It’s a good place for everybody to hang around, meet friends, have a drink, and even discover a great analogue find!

The Sigfriedplatz in Bielefeld is a well-known meeting point and everybody calls it just the “Siggi”.
As soon as the sun comes out, the people leave their houses to meet there and hang around in different groups: families and students alike. Then the yellow railway wagon and the Bürgerhaus open their bars to sell drinks to the people after a few hours. Children are running around, parents sitting on their blankets taking out their picnic stuff, friends meet together, couples are kissing, dogs running around, and everybody takes advantage of the sun.

More information about Siegfriedplatz in German

Twice a week the market takes place on the Siggi. Fresh fruits and vegetables are offered. Additionally, from March to October, on every last Saturday of the month there is a beautiful flea market

There are only private old things sold, and it’s fun to rummage around. But it can be really crowded!

The Sigfriedplatz can be reached with the Tram, line 4, and every time I am in Bielefeld, I pass there. I already did some nice shoots then! Therefore, the uploaded pictures are a mix between different cameras (Diana and Diana mini), seasons, films and experiments.

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translated by shoujoai


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    gorgeous galleries! good work!

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    LIES! there is no such thing as "bielefeld"

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