Mathieu Aghababian Tests Lomography Color Negative 400 and LomoChrome Turquoise During a Skate Session

Mathieu Aghababian is a French photographer who specializes in sports and skateboarding photography. He is passionate about both digital and analogue photography, and he has tested several Lomography products, such as Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens, and the Lomo'Instant Wide. Now he is back to tell us about his experience with the Lomography Color Negative ISO 400 and LomoChrome Turquoise films.

© Mathieu Aghababian

Hello Mathieu, we are happy to have you back at Lomography Magazine! What photo projects have you been working on recently?

Hello, I am also happy to be back in the magazine! It's been a while. Since I am on a permanent contract as a photographer, my photo projects are mainly concentrated on weekends, when the weather is nice. It is often around the skate photography. But my latest project was an ephemeral exhibition during a video projection in Paris of the Bassac team, and it was my first real photo exhibition, so I am very happy to have been able to do this project. Now I aim for other exhibitions, why not a 100% Lomo skate exhibition?

You have tested two films, Lomography Color Negative ISO 400 and Lomochrome Turquoise. How did you choose to shoot them?

For most of my films, I always shoot them like a black and white film, in 400 ISO, because that's how I learned most of my settings in skate photography. I let the color of the film surprise me in development. It is not always guaranteed but I like this feeling of surprise.

How do you manage to capture the perfect timing when a skater makes a trick?

Lots of failures! But also a lot of hours watching skateboard videos to look at what other photographers do too, without copying but being inspired. And practicing it too. This helps to gain confidence in itself and especially to understand figures and angles.

© Mathieu Aghababian

What are your favorite photos to take and why?

I don't know if I have one in particular, but I like the classic photos taken from the Fisheye, very close. It's a simple but aesthetic trick, with flashes which bring clarity and contrast. But I also like the photos that combine architecture and skateboarding, when skateboarding is almost the background of the picture.

Do you have any advice to give to the community when it comes to shooting these films?

The LomoChrome Turquoise for me must be slightly underexposed. It is capricious but when you start to master it well it reveals more than interesting things. The Lomo Color 400 is for me a film that you must have in your pocket. The contrast is perfect and the colors are soft and powerful at the same time, and when in addition you shoot it in 120. . . it's magic.

© Mathieu Aghababian

Do you have any photo projects planned for the future?

For the moment I am trying to motivate my little crazy skater to get out in the cold weather. The falls on the frozen ground are not super nice, but I have photos in mind that I would love to shoot. I want to try a lot of things in terms of pictures, but it takes time because a lot of pictures that will come out won't be what you expected.

To see more of Mathieu's pictures, follow him on his Instagram page.

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