Etterath: A Feeling of Longing for a Task Completed


There will always come a time when things have to end. The good, the bad, the necessary—all will eventually be over. We all have to accept that fact and move on to the next chapter in our lives.

But have you ever wondered about the longing that comes after? The pangs of boredom or even the feeling of being incomplete? If you've been used to doing a specific routine for so long, you kind of miss doing it. But at the same time you're relieved that it's over since you know how much time and effort you poured into it.

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There's a word for that – etterath. You might not be aware of it, but surely you've felt it at some point in your life. After all, we live in a complex world full of intricate little details, and sometimes we don't have a way to express or understand everything we're feeling.

n. the feeling of emptiness after a long and arduous process is finally complete—having finished school, recovered from surgery, or gone home at the end of your wedding—which leaves you relieved that it’s over but missing the stress that organized your life into a mission.

This hits close to home for this writer since I got married not too long ago. Months of planning, night after night of stressing about the little details, and overthinking what could happen during that specific day. It was taxing, to be honest. My partner and I had to be on our toes all the time so we could catch up on our respective schedules while planning the wedding.

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When the big day finally came, it was just a blur, as most of our married friends told us it would be. There were smiles and tears all around, music and the scent of rain in the air, lights and decor strewn across halls all over the venue. It was not the perfect wedding we'd imagined, but we agreed it was perfect for us. After all, we finally did all of it on our own.

Whenever we reminisce about that day in December and look at our wedding photos, we both agree that we miss certain aspects of the experience. Like watching the calendar, counting down the days, and taking care of all the important details, big or small. All of those minus the stress.

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There are so many instances when you can have the same feeling. Perhaps a backpacking trip across different continents with your best friends. It could be a year in the making since all of you had to save up for the plane tickets and other expenses. Or perhaps your high school or college graduation. When you look back at all the sleepless nights and trips to the library so you could brush up on your studies before exams. Or maybe the birth of your first child. Those nine months that scared you and made you cry or gave you knots in your stomach.

There are so many great instances in life that call for reminiscing. When you look at the photos from those milestones, you may find yourself longing for those moments even if they're just glimpses. It's a bittersweet feeling, but of course, life moves on, and with it, you also have to go forward. So take those photos while you can. You never know when the next wave of memories will come rushing back.

How about you? Have you experienced the feeling of etterath before in your life? Share your stories in the comment section below. We'd love to hear about them!

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  1. papa-attila
    papa-attila ·

    Photography is like your Life.
    Keep the goods moments,let the not so good ones go, but maybe they will be good for something../It will make you wiser/.
    Greetings to the Lomo community:
    Collection of platitudes. /2002.Papa-Attila/

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