Tipster: How to Creatively Use the Kaleidoscope Filter With the LomoApparat.


Now that the LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera is getting into more and more hands, Lomographers are exploring the many possibilities of the lens adapters that come with the camera. For this tipster, we're highlighting the creative capabilities of the kaleidoscopic filter.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

This fun feature creates a refracted image in front of your lens, which is then recorded on your film and shows in the final picture. When pushing our imagination, with a bit of curiosity and the spirit of experimentation, we can achieve some very interesting abstract images.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

What To Focus On

We decided to focus our eyes on patterns that could render interesting abstract compositions. We chose shapes that would perform well with distortion and that would enhance the refraction of the patterns produced by the filter. What really worked best was an urban environment where the busy roads offered more opportunities for such subjects. We looked for fences, grids, and gratings, while also trying compositions with leaves and trees to play with the reflection of the sunlight.

As this urban setting can be quite gray, we decided to add some color and combined another essential feature of the LomoAppart by using the flash and different color gels. This added some variety to the images which took up a futuristic vibe.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

How To Shoot

As we suggest in our manual, a good distance to shoot with your kaleidoscope to maximize the effect is between 0.5 m – 1 m from your subject. Shoot it straight on or quirk your angle to achieve even more distortion, and let the filter do the rest. When shot straight on, the mirroring effect will be even, while an off angle can accentuate and exaggerate your distortions.

Most important of all is to never forget to have fun. Push your boundaries and try different scenarios. The more you get to know your camera the more ideas and experiments you will want to carry out. Once you get accustomed to a tool it is always fun to push things further and see what you can get out of it.

What is your favourite adapter for the LomoApparat? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. lry12
    lry12 ·

    My favorite accessory is the splitzer. I use it often. :-)

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    I'm waiting @hodachrome creation with this camera 👍

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