London on LomoChrome Metropolis: A Photo Gallery by @cristina_badulescu


Sometimes even we get surprised by the creative way photographers use our films. Especially when in the hands of talented community members who can transform their vision into eye-catching photographs. These photos were shot by @cristina_badulescu on LomoChrome Metropolis film around the streets of London and they play to the film's strengths and characteristics perfectly.

Credits: cristina_badulescu

We're certainly loving the gritty look of the street photos that are accentuated by the muted tones that the Metropolis is known for. It's like a storytelling device on its own as it brings a different mood to the shots—like filters on flashback scenes typically used in movies. Only this time, the film is doing all the work to give the photos distinctive grain and consistent tones.

Another thing we noticed is the punchy contrast between light and shadows in some of the shots. It's easy to see that Cristina understands the strong characteristics of Metropolis film as she manages to showcase them in her shots. The visual interest brought about by the dark blacks and radiant light colors adds to the overall impact of the series.

Credits: cristina_badulescu

Of course, these shots taken using Metropolis film wouldn't have had such an effect without the masterful camera work of Cristina. We are a fan of her skill with the camera. She knows what she wants to see on her frames even before she hits the shutter. Most of these shots even have that cinematic feel to them with the way they are set up. So we are definitely keeping an eye out for her next photo albums, whether they're taken with Lomography film or not. Way to go, Cristina!

We would like to thank Cristina for sharing her work with the community. Follow her on her LomoHome to see more of her photos.

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LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.


  1. cristina_badulescu
    cristina_badulescu ·

    Thank you for the feature! :-)

  2. rolfmg
    rolfmg ·

    A very nice article about one of my favourite Lomo films - great awesome shots by Christina!

  3. cristina_badulescu
    cristina_badulescu ·

    @rolfmg thank you!!

  4. davidalexandre
    davidalexandre ·

    Beautiful serie

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