10 Cool and Compact Film Cameras to Slip in Your Pocket

One of Lomography's golden rules is to take your camera everywhere you go. For many people carrying SLRs or medium format cameras with them daily isn't convenient. Still wanting to capture and document life on analogue, there are many cameras to choose from that can easily be taken everywhere without sacrificing quality.

A decade ago we took a look at some compact cameras that can slip in your pocket. Today we’re revisiting the topic with a whole new set of cameras that are perfect as daily carries. These cameras are a mix of forgotten gems, crowd favorites, and exciting newcomers!

Lomo LC-A+

Credits: liaye, winti_l, moda_daniela, zekiphone & dede_dos

Starting with our most iconic camera, the Lomo LC-A+ is an updated version of the original Russian LC-A. With an expanded ISO range reaching 1600, a multiple exposure button, and a range of experimental accessories, this camera is all things you love about the LC-A but for more modern times. It's no surprise that this is one of the go-to cameras for many Lomographers as it's so easy to take it everywhere hassle-free.

Rollei 35

Credits: shogen, nina-tberg, francislee, claura & emily25

A fast-shooting German street camera, the Rollei 35 has a big following due to the features of this camera despite such a small package. With a shutter speed ranging from half a second to 1/500, multiple exposure and bulb mode, and an ISO range of up to 1600, the Rollei 35 is a powerful camera that you can always have on you. Similar to the LC-A+, because of its zone focusing system the Rollei 35 has a slight learning curve when it comes to focusing. However, once you master zone focusing, you'll be able to do wonders with this camera.

Nikon L35AF

Credits: deftom, sasha_zap, lizzythecynic, robertofiuza & ghidini

Nikon's foray into autofocus point-and-shoots, this camera is sought after due to its amazing 35 mm F2.8 lens that can capture almost everything and it's hidden metal build quality that's protected by a plastic outer cover. Made for those wanting to try out film but also beloved by veterans, this camera is always a reliable powerhouse that can capture all those spur of the moment memories.

Canon Autoboy Tele 6

Credits: amp_puttipong & chubbyshoot

Known also as the Canon Prima Tele, or Sure Shot Multi Tele in the US, this seemingly dull camera has been gaining a cult following in recent years due to its many features. The biggest feature is that the Tele 6 can be shot as a full-frame or a half-frame camera making it incredibly versatile. Besides this, the camera also has a bulb mode which will allow the shutter to open for up to 4 seconds. The camera has a built-in self-retracting electric changeover dual focal lens allowing you to switch between a 35 mm F3.5 lens and a 60 mm F5.6 lens.

Diana Baby 110

Credits: lienchen, mattmccollum1313, orkidear, oukrid & ginnyfree

110 film has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. With more support than ever, trying out 110 film is a must for those looking for a camera that isn't a hassle to bring around. Famous for its dreamy lo-fi photos, the Diana now comes in a 110 format known as the Diana Baby 110. Packing a 12 mm lens, multiple exposure button, and bulb mode in the palm of your hand, this version of the Diana is truly made to be taken everywhere.

Ricoh Auto Half

Credits: katsutnb, ioniverse, lowol_hello, clarice629 & srmarcus

A reliable 60s half-frame camera made by Ricoh, this unique-looking camera is a low-key powerhouse with its 25 mm F2.8 lens. Having two speeds of 1/125 and 1/30 when the flash is attached, it's a camera that's great for capturing discreet street shots.

Pentax Espio 120SW

Credits: gakurou, khaldon_khalil, sungyoung & shaysegev

One of the last film point-and-shoot cameras to be released (I mean at this point it looks like a digital camera) the Pentax Espio 120SW is one of the most versatile cameras you can bring when you are on the go. Launched in 2001, it actually won the Technical Image Press Association’s compact camera of the year award. Though the camera is on the slower side with its maximum aperture being F5.6, it is a gem in capturing landscapes when you're traveling, whether you are visiting nature's natural wonders, or wanting to capture modern architectural marvels. Sturdy due to its aluminum body and reliable since it's one of the youngest cameras on this list, if you see this camera being sold for cheap don't hesitate to snap it up and make it a go-to travel companion.

Olympus Pen EE2

Credits: bcpleung, darthlaurian, fededonatini & troch

Part of the much beloved Olympus Pen series, the EE2 is an automatic half-frame camera armed with a sharp D.Zuiko 28 mm F3.5 lens. Made in the 60s but still easily found, this camera's great build quality has shown why it's still around despite being over 50 years old. Fully automatic but can be overridden for aperture priority mode, this camera is great for when you're starting your film journey.

Yashica T5

Credits: cjf, duffman, kamburger, walterlam & rocket_fries0036

My personal go-to camera, besides the fact it has that famous and hyped Carl Zeiss lens, one of the reasons why I love this camera is the waist-level viewfinder which helps you be a discreet and sneaky photographer. The only downside is how expensive the camera has become in recent years. Its 35 mm F3.5 Carl Zeiss lens makes each shot worthy of being on the cover of any publication and seen by many of its famous users over the years.


Credits: mlchaelbexley, lry12, jimkni, stavard & iantheman

We're ending this list with the newest addition to the Lomography family, the LomoApparat. Armed with a 21 mm lens, color gels for flash, close-up and kaleidoscope lenses, and even a splitter, this camera is made for experimentation on the go. It's a camera that can take your architecture, street, nightlife, or even portrait photography to experimental levels. Plus the light weight and ease with which you can to take this camera everywhere with you is what it is made for.

Got any personal recommendations for pocket-sized cameras? Comment down below and tell us what camera you always have with you.

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