Love for the LomoApparat – Community Members Share Their First Rolls


Since its launch late last year, more and more photographers have been uploading their photos taken with the LomoApparat on our website and social media. From the outset many were curious about this little wide-angle experimental camera and all the accessories that came bundled with it.

Let's hear from some Lomographers who have recently uploaded their first rolls with the LomoApparat, and take a look at their diverse and wonderful photos.


Credits: hannibalbass

@hannibalbass is no stranger to Lomography, owning a La Sardina and a Diana F+. He was intrigued by the LomoApparat since it had all the features that people wanted in a Lomo camera. For him, this has been a camera he has been taking everywhere due to its size and weight.

The main thing that I liked is one I wasn't expecting: It's a stealth street photography machine! Suddenly, I felt like I was invisible. It's almost like people don't realize they're being photographed. I wasn't expecting very much as I was just trying easy shots to test the camera, but I was pleasantly surprised with the first roll. I got some dramatic, contrasty street photos, and that wide-angle lens makes it easier to take photos from the hip and be sure to put all the things you want in the frame.


Credits: mjaa

Lomographer Maya (@mjaa) used to be part of Interphoto which is Lomography's partner in Tel Aviv Israel. Always one to visit the store, especially when new products came out, Maya was very excited when the LomoApparat came out. Talking about the camera, she recommends using all the accessories that come with the camera such as the color gel flashes, kaleidoscope and close-up lenses, and the splitzer to create memorable and unique photos.

I had a lot of fun! First I was surprised to find out how lightweight this camera is and how comfortable it is to hold it. I was excited to try on the kaleidoscope, the splitzer, and the close-up lens. I especially loved how easy it was to make double and long exposures, a bit like the La Sardina, but with the addition of super fun tools. I just had to take the LomoApparat everywhere as it was so easy to carry in my bag, and also because I had zero patience to see my first results! My first roll with the LomoApparat turned out a lot better than I expected, I must say the quality of the photos really surprised me, the sharpness of them, and the wide dynamic range they had. I think I was the most satisfied with the long exposures I took at night because I wasn’t expecting such cool results for such a tiny camera.


Credits: freetoothpicks

Otto (@FREETOOTHPICKS) is a relative newcomer to the Lomography Community, posting his first album in 2022. Starting film photography as a hobby, he was instantly mesmerized by the LomoApparat and ordered it immediately after seeing the features and accessories of the camera which made his brain go wild with all kinds of creative ideas. Having used it for a few months now, Otto loves how the camera is really opening his creative expression. One of his favorite things to do is to mix the variety of color gel filters included into one slot for incredible results.

My experience using the LomoApparat has been very positive. I like how I can get so much into the frame and add a bit of flair to the image from the numerous combinations available at my disposal to get the image that suits me. My favorite thing about the camera has to be interchangeable lenses, specifically the kaleidoscope filter, as it gives that trippy visual effect that I have been looking for when using point-and-shoots.
How I would describe my first roll is like dipping my toes into my creative mind. Because I've never shot with a camera capable of capturing a wider angle from my collection, it felt refreshing to shoot with it. In addition, the features and attachments were an attractive bonus. I got as creative as possible for my photos while learning how certain aspects work in these scenarios and what doesn't.


Credits: stavard

The LomoApparat got Squid's (@Stavard) attention with the 21 mm focal length since he says he's rarely seen a point-and-shoot camera with that wide of a lens. Once he got it he was excited to get to shooting and immediately used the MX function as that's one of his favorite things to do when shooting film. With his first roll, he made it a point to try all the accessories in order to get a real feel of the camera and to see its endless possibilities. For him, this camera is all about having fun with analogue and being bold in trying new techniques.

So far, so good! I love the focal length, it enables me to easily shoot from the hip if I want or need to do so. I tend to enjoy shooting a wider perspective when I'm walking around downtown Portland, so I bring this camera with me a lot when I'm on the west side of the river. This camera comes with so many accessories too, it really maximizes the possibilities of creativity. One more thing I gotta mention that I like is the flash sync when you use the camera on bulb. It fires at the end of your long exposure, when you release the shutter, instead of popping the flash when you push the shutter button down in the beginning. Some people may like it the other way but that's my opinion about that!
My first roll was really exciting to see! I brought the camera with me when I went to work so I could shoot some photos to and from that day, but I found out there was a vigil being held at Burnside skatepark that night for Tyre Nichols, a fellow skateboarder who was murdered by Memphis Police officers a couple of days prior. I skated over to the skatepark right after work, so although I would have maybe preferred to have an SLR or something that could handle the low light better, I made do with what I had on me. I was shooting Fuji Superia 400, so in that instance, I could have used Cinestill 800T and gotten a little better low-light performance, but I'd say that overall the Apparat and super 400 really did a fine job!


Credits: nural

Lucky to receive the LomoApparat early, Nural (@nural) used her LomoApparat to shoot the freezing holiday season in Finland. She loves all the accessories bundled with the camera and the fact that it has many features for its size. When using this camera, she's always reminded of one of the rules of Lomography, don't think just shoot.

Even the minus degrees couldn’t stop me from trying out the accessories! It is so easy to use, after shooting with SLR or rangefinders for the past few months I realized how much I missed the simplicity of a point-and-shoot. Not thinking about camera settings allowed me to enjoy the moment more. I loved taking multiple and long exposures, but I have to say, my absolute favorite part is the kaleidoscope. The first roll was mostly getting to know the camera, so I have long exposures, splitzer images, double exposures, and kaleidoscope shots. I tried to use all the different features the camera has! I ended up getting some photos that quickly became my favorites!

We thank the community members for sharing their LomoApparat pictures with us! Have you tried the LomoApparat yet? Let us know what you think!

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  1. mjaa
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    Thank you for featuring me i this sweet article♥️ I loved the Lomoapparat and would probably use it a lot more!

  2. stavard
    stavard ·

    Love mine! thanks for the feature!!

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    hannibalbass ·

    Thanks for the feature 🤗💕

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