Exploring Duality in Half Frames With the Lomo LC-Wide


The half-frame format lends itself to playing with the concept of dualities. It invites you to conceive your composition as a complimentary pair rather than a single image. Shapes, forms, compositions, or color pallets – it is only a matter of what you want to focus on.

For this article, we have chosen to use one of our classic cameras, the Lomo LC-Wide. When it comes to the half frame feature, this camera does away with the separation between one frame and another with a black line.

You can achieve an unmarked effect, opposite to the Diana Mini, and have the two frames blend together in a sort of double exposure. Simply switch the half-frame mode on but leave the shutter on wide-angle to get the blended frames. This feature invites you to think about having no boundaries, no clear line, no separation of concepts from one photo to the next, but rather a communion.

Photos by Elisa Parrino


First, we started with something easy to approach. It may not be the most original of ideas, but it has the great advantage of forcing you to interact with people on the streets. This can be a challenging task, but also one of the greatest gifts of photography. Training your social skills and learning how to interact with a multitude of people will help you to evolve and be a better photographer.

Everyone remembers that opening scene for the 101 Dalmatians when all the people walking the streets with their dogs look alike. Well, there is certainly some truth in that, and this is the first concept we wanted to explore for the half frame. This is a simple yet funny way to compose a meaningful pairing. Hit the streets, and don't be afraid to ask to take some photos of dogs and their owners.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

Conceptual Pairing

Want to push a little further in your conceptual work? Then step up your game and try to focus on a theme when you look for inspiration. Find a way that each image can be in dialogue with its counterpart. At first, it is hard to notice something that you haven't paid attention to before.

But when you set your brain to look for new forms and new stories, then all of a sudden they will appear around you. This is the beauty of choosing to shoot with purpose. It gives you the great gift of being able to look at your surroundings in a renewed and fresh way.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

There is an abundance of dualities. Left and right, black and white, plus and minus, the list goes on. Translating this principle into images is a fascinating concept to develop. It can spark a new interest and be the inspiration for a new project.

Don't shy away but pursue whatever it is that attracts your curiosity. What does duality mean to you?

We love to see how you would explore the theme of duality. On which magnetic forces are you working at the moment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

written by eparrino on 2023-04-18 #gear #tutorials #experimental #street-photography #half-frame #lomo-lc-wide

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