Windy Ericeira in the Cliffs of the Atlantic


Ericeira is a fisherman village placed in the cliffs facing the Atlantic and surrounded by beaches that attract both surfers and tourists. It is located 35km northwest from Lisbon. The cliffs where it stands provide great views of the Atlantic ocean and the magnificent sunsets over the sea.

The cliffs often end in beautiful beaches and there are a lot in and around the village. These beaches are famous among the surf community and competitions are held here. The beaches are often windy and the sea is strong in this region so a day at the beach isn’t always pleasant. I prefer it during the winter, it is beautiful and it is amazing to fell the power of the Atlantic as the huge waves hit the cliffs.

Because it is a windy region, old windmills are a common seeing but I think that few still work. The ones I photographed are decorative ones.

The fishermen village has it’s center restored and really neat. The nice little houses stand in narrow streets that seem to always lead to the sea.

Around the coast, the area is rural and green. It’s a good combination of worlds and a great getaway for a weekend from the city.

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  1. eatcpcks
    eatcpcks ·

    nice waves!

  2. photohuggers
    photohuggers ·

    What nice pictures and review from ("our"...) Ericeira!

  3. afd_lsi
    afd_lsi ·

    nice location!

  4. trincheiras
    trincheiras ·

    cool :)

  5. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    a wonderful gallery and quite a story!

  6. bravopires
    bravopires ·

    beautiful location!

  7. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Obrigada, thank you! :)

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