Lomography Partners: HobbyFoto of Perugia, Italy


Come one, come all. Lomography has partners all over the world to help serve your analogue needs. If you're from Italy then it's your lucky day! We're featuring our Perugia-based stockist Angela Rotelli of HobbyFoto in today's installment of Lomography Partners.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the incredible female-owned businesses that work with us, and we’re thrilled to feature Angela and HobbyFoto as the first in this series!

© Angela Rotelli of HobbyFoto

Can you introduce yourself to the Lomography community?

Hi, my name is Angela Rotelli and I'm the owner of the HobbyFoto shop in Perugia.

What’s the story behind your store? How did it all start?

My story starts with my father. He was a great photography enthusiast and at every birthday or anniversary, he would always find a good excuse to give me a camera. The first was a 110, after that a 126, and then the Polaroid. Then finally a manual Voigtlander at 16. Moved by that passion, I bought my first Yashica FX3 Super 2000 camera and as soon as I finished my studies, I found work as an assistant in a studio of a professional photographer who taught me how to develop and print in the darkroom along with all the secrets of the world of analogue photography. That experience will always remain in my heart.

Now let's talk about 1988. After a couple of years, I got the opportunity to work at a photography shop. That's when my "commercial" story began and up to 2006 when I bought the HobbyFoto shop and started my adventure as owner.

Why do you choose to work with Lomography?

I learned about Lomography products a few years ago when customers started coming to the shop to have Lomography films developed. From there, together with Michele, who is a professional photographer who has been collaborating with HobbyFoto for a few years now – we became passionate about this very particular and fun world, so we started dealing with cameras as well.

© Angela Rotelli of HobbyFoto

Do you have a favorite Lomography product?

I like the variety of products offered by Lomography, and above all I like the fact that it has managed to introduce the world of analogue photography to younger generations. No one has done it so well and I would even say that today, Lomography is synonymous with the word 'analogue'. But the kind of analogue that's quirky and even crazy, free from any rules.

My favorite camera is the Diana Mini which I also use to have fun with my family. For the film, I use Metropolis and Purple films, which perhaps appeal to me as a woman, with their violet shades that drive me crazy! I've tried the Turquoise film recently and I can't wait to see the result. Michele, on the other hand, owns various Lomography cameras and never misses an opportunity to experiment with all types of film. Michele also takes care of high-quality scans and printing.

Our customers really like the Simple Use cameras. In this way, kids can approach the analogue world without spending too much and can also test other films by reloading the camera. From there, it was only a short step to upgrade to their favorite Lomography cameras. The most requested films in our store are black-and-white but there is also demand for 110 and 120 film, especially in color. Perugia is very beautiful to photograph with all its ancient alleys, so it's nice to photograph them using different films.

Do you think there are any specific advantages or disadvantages to being a female business owner?

I don't think I had great difficulties being a female entrepreneur. On the contrary, if someone underestimated me, they quickly changed their minds. It is no coincidence that I just celebrated 35 years of photographic experience. On the other hand, I believe I have had an enormous advantage in being a woman: natural empathy towards my clients whom I like to treat with the utmost care, as I would like to be treated and I always try to be ready to solve people's needs.

Michele, with her professionalism is the trump card of my business. We also started keeping little videos called “mikipedia” precisely because he is always very informed and curious about everything. Soon, Irene will also join us to help us manage social media: Instagram and Facebook, and of course, the website. She too has just discovered the world of Lomography and has already equipped herself with a couple of cameras. It's true that everyone likes Lomo.

© HobbyFoto

Do you have a favorite memory from running your business over the years?

The thing I remember with the most pleasure is the smell of chemicals and black-and-white paper in the darkroom, what a good time! Staying more on the current, I love the group outings we organize. There's always something to learn and the exchange of ideas and energies is exceptional!

What excites and energizes you the most about your work?

I get my energy and inspiration from my clients. I really like seeing through the eyes of young people, their way of approaching photography, and seeing this strange world. I find them very simple and essential and I like this dry style of today, softened by the particular effects that Lomography gives.

Do you have any plans or future projects you're working on?

We are thinking of offering our negative development service even remotely by combining both film scanning and printing. Michele also wants to launch themed photography courses and some "online challenges". We will see some good ones so please keep an eye on us!

© HobbyFoto

What advice would you give to anyone (particularly other women) who wants to start their own creative business as you have done?

Seriousness! There must be coherence between what has been said and what has been done. We must move in small steps, given the current uncertain situation. But if you believe in what you like, it must absolutely be taken to the end.

Vital Information

Official Name: HobbyFoto
Address: Via del Coppetta, 10, 06124 Perugia PG, Italy
Services offered: camera, gear, and film sales, film developing and scanning, photo courses.

Want to see your favorite store featured in our magazine? Please send us an email at wholesaleinquiries@lomography.com and we will check them out!

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