Tipster: Upcycle Your Images and Enhance Old Instax

Today we illustrate a fun, quick and easy tipster to enhance your Instax pictures. These simple hacks are perfect to do with people of all ages and skills.

They are an especially creative way to introduce kids to the magical craft of photography and beyond. Instax pictures are easy to experiment as they give immediate satisfaction and stimulating a desire to create more!

The list:

  1. Uni Posca Pens (or other paint markers)
  2. Colorful sharpie
  3. Acrylic and brush (or a Tipp-ex)
  4. Old pictures

What you need is a bunch of colorful permanent markers: posca pens, sharpies, or anything like it. Choose glitter or colors to add diverse textures on darker pictures.

Sharpies of different tip sizes will make your strokes fill more or less of your picture. Just like with painting or drawing, the pen can serve different purposes. With your multicolor sharpie, draw figures, patterns, images, any form or shape. Add strange or fantastical figures that you wish were in the picture, but since they only live in your mind, are impossible to shoot.

When using a metallic posca, apply a soft pressure to your pen to let the acrylic color out, then use a brush or a sponge to blend the liquid on your image. The acrylic is quite covering so use the full extent when you wish to intentionally cover a section of your image.

Old images are a great canvas to work with. After a while they have lost their original meaning and you are free to reinterpret whatever echoes in your mind.

Get inspired by your surroundings or your art buddy. This is not only a way to reuse and reinvent old pictures, it is also a great way to socialize and detach from our screens. Time flies while you are coloring and spending quality time together!

Have you ever upcycled your old pictures? What is your favorite technique? Share your ideas in the comments below.

written by eparrino on 2023-03-21 #tutorials #experimental #tutorial #colors #kid #instant-camera #sharpie #hacks #instax-alteration #upcycling-pictures #educational-art #uni-posca

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