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What do you see when you look into someone's eyes? Could it be gladness shared by friends reunited after spending years apart? Or perhaps care in the eyes of a mother. Or maybe a stare that reaches so far in rumination—a person temporarily lost in thought or maybe reminiscing about a time long gone.

The answer can be any of these and more. The eyes of a person can tell you a lot about them. You only need a few seconds to get a semblance of what they're thinking or feeling.

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“The eyes, chico. They never lie.” This is probably one of the most memorable quotes about eyes in popular culture. It's from the movie Scarface and though perhaps it borrows from the star quality of the lead character, it's a line that sticks with you because of the truth and romanticism it contains. As photographers, we also aim to capture the truth with our cameras as well as the things that inspire love and affection.

Maybe that is also the reason why we tend to focus our attention on the people we love when we're taking photographs. We shoot so many pictures of the people we hold dear because we wish to show our affection and it will never feel like a chore. We see emotions in their eyes and wish to preserve those scenes at the exact moment they happen. And since life is fleeting, we wish to be able to go back and reminisce.

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Eyes are a great subject to photograph because of their expressive nature and their inherent beauty. Some of the photos in this gallery prove just that. The expressions on display here are as varied as the composition and the color of the eyes that hold them. It's amazing that the same subject can tell you a different story. You get to see different perspectives as well, especially from the side of the photographer. The way they framed their shot or added effects to the composition also change the look and feel of the photograph.

A photographer can also be given away by their eyes even when they're behind a camera. What they photograph reveals much about them—what they are passionate about or feel strongly attracted to. It's interesting how the process goes both ways for the subject and photographer, that the same eyes you use to discover much of the world with are the same ones that reveal a lot about you. It's a delicate balance that offers a new perspective from both the observer and the subject.

All of these things and more are perhaps the reason why we get to see so many creative photographs that feature the windows to the soul. It is easy to be enamored by the beauty of someone with beautiful or colorful eyes. However, sometimes, it's the things we see in those eyes that lure us closer to take a better look.

How about you? Do you have photos of eyes that depict other emotions like yearning or fear? Inspire others and share your shots below!

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