Camila Garcia and her Diana Mini Immortalize Paris

Today we meet Camila Garcia, a film photographer from Toulouse, France. She tells us about her wonderful series of photos shot with the Diana Mini in the streets of Paris.

© Camila Garcia

Hello Camila, and welcome to Lomography Magazine. Can you introduce yourself to the community?

Hello to you! My name is Camila Garcia and I am a photographer from Toulouse for individuals and creators.

Why did you choose to shoot with the Diana Mini ?

Since I was a teenager I've loved Lomography. Someone offered me a fisheye, and a few years ago I bought the Diana Mini because I love the idea of being able to experiment with different filters on the flash, the two different formats, and above all, it's super convenient to take anywhere!

Can you tell us about your inspirations for these photos?

I sometimes have the opportunity to go to Paris for projects and this time it was for a competition. So my boyfriend and I decided to have a little fun in the city, to walk around everywhere, to take bits of Paris that remind us of those beautiful moments. My favorites are the photos of the books and shops next to the Seine, the vespa and the pink café.

© Camila Garcia

You shot in urban and rural locations. Seeing the result, do you have any preference?

I prefer the urban side when the weather is nice! And the rural ones I have the impression that it is poetic even without rays of sun. It's always interesting to experiment with both anyway.

Can you tell us why you chose to shoot half-frame photos?

I took all the photos in half-frame because that way I can experiment more than in full-frame for the number of images.

© Camila Garcia

What are your photography plans for the future?

I would like to do a series only with portraits of artists or creators in Toulouse because the result is quite unique and the flash with the color gives a completely different atmosphere.

Thanks to Camila for telling us her story. If you too would like to share your experience with us in our magazine, please get in touch.

To follow Camila's news, find her on her Instagram page.

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