From the Archives: 10 Lomography Interviews with Women Film Photographers


There's a lot to gain from reading artist interviews. By hearing about the art from their own point of view, we get to know more about their personal stories which adds a layer of humanity to their photos and chosen subjects, and helps their art come alive.

Last year, we listed five of many interesting interviews with women photographers we’ve published at the Lomography Magazine, in time for International Women’s Month. Now it’s time to continue the tradition, this time by looking at 10 interviews we’ve had the pleasure of bringing readers with incredible women film photographers.

Lydia Lutz: The Dichotomy of Beauty and Darkness

© Lydia Lutz

In this interview we got to know more about artist Lydia Lutz's art-centric life and how emotional vulnerability plays a role in her work. The story features some of her projects done during the quarantine, and we also picked her brains out on her creative productivity.

Ride a Motorcycle to Northern Thailand with June (doubleshots_lomo) & the Lomo'Instant Wide Camera

© June (doubleshots_lomo)

Motorcycle rider and film photographer June (Warangkana Sangsawang) takes us on a trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai through photos taken with the Lomo'Instant Wide Camera, her companion on the road. In this interview, she shares the beauty of motorcycling in Thailand, her favorite trips in and outside of the country, and some film photography tips while travelling on a motorcycle.

The Deep Grey Sea: An Interview with Freediver and Film Photographer Katharine Kollman

© Katharine Kollman

Two passions meet in freediver and film photographer Katherine Kollman’s works. In our chat with her, she explains how she got into freediving and how film photography became the vehicle for showcasing her love of the underwater world.

In The World of Agrimony: Exhilarating Experimental Techniques

Credits: agrimony

Prolific photographer and creative powerhouse Monika Mitterdorfer (@agrimony) talks about her motivations and creative process in this interview. She explains how her child-like curiosity keeps her fascinated with the craft even as an adult and fuels her experimental nature.

Traversing Philosophy & Photography: Lean Lui's Pinhole Camera x Washing Machine Experiment

Credits: leanlui

Hong Kong artist Lean Lui walks us through her creative process for her project called Disorder Sensing in this 2022 interview. Combining Eastern philosophy with Western inspiration, her pinhole experiment serves as an exploration of intense emotions and the clarity that comes after letting go.

The Creative and Experimental World of @laetitiaheisler

Credits: laetitiaheisler

In this interview, film photographer Laetitia Heisler shares the calming effect of film on her, and how it's become a vehicle for her expression and the exploration of her sense of self.

Women X Photography: Interview With Delfina Carmona

© Delfina Carmona

Berlin-based Argentinian artist talks to us about her journey as a photographer, the evolving space for women in the photography field, and the need to obtain equal conditions and rights for women to further develop this space. She also shared some challenges as a professional, from finding one's voice to learning how to price one's work.

Dear Young Shutterbugs, What Do You Love? - A Letter from @waggrad00

Credits: waggrad00

In this edition of our Dear Young Shutterbugs series, long-time Lomographer and LomoGuru Julia Halcomb (@waggrad00) talked to us about how she started with film photography and why she still shoots film in the digital age. She also shared advice to young artists looking for encouragement and tips related to film photography.

Lomography Pioneers: lorrainehealy's Sharing of the Unknown

Credits: lorrainehealy

Flexible and inquisitive, these are two words that best describe film photographer Lorraine Healy and her art. As someone who's on the road a lot, she shares her fascination for semi-abandoned and abandoned places and the unique wisdom that the places she visits hold.

LomoWomen: Challenge the Representation with SheGazes

Photos by Caroline Ruffault

As part of our LomoWomen series, we also talked to photographer Caroline Ruffault in 2021 about the SheGazes art zine which tackles the representation of women in the field of photography. She also shared with us her experiences as a photographer and the importance of creating a "gaze" true to the diverse and complex experiences of women.

Many thanks to the artists who have given us the chance to dive deep into their works and share their knowledge with the rest of the photography community!

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