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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere there’s a good chance the weather has stopped you from leaving your home for your usual photography practice. And for those daring enough, the cold weather could have caused some problems with your cameras if you’re not careful.

As the winter months are coming to end in most countries, it’s a great time to start cleaning your cameras and get ready for the coming springtime. As spring dawns upon the world, here’s how the community has been able to capture this season of renewal and some ideas on what to shoot in the coming months.

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Nature is always one of the highlights of springtime. You get to see how flowers, plants, and trees start to sprout and bloom into the colorful and mesmerizing aspects of nature. People even take trips to catch specific flowers and plants blooming, like the famous cherry blossom of Japan and the tulips of the Netherlands. Taking a walk to your nearest park or even planning a hike or two out of town to some of your country’s mountains and gardens will make your springtime adventures memorable. Capturing these with a low ISO film such as the Lomography Color Negative 100 will allow you to get the finer grain and greater detail which is ideal, especially when you want to immortalize nature through your photos. If you’re feeling experimental and or just want to shift the colors of the environment, use LomoChrome Purple or LomoChrome Turquoise to give you results that you would never find anywhere else.

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Another great thing about springtime is that it’s the perfect time to travel and be more active. Taking that much-deserved vacation with friends and family, whether it’s revisiting your favorite city or traveling to an unknown location. Sports activities such as biking, running, trekking, swimming, and bouldering are must-dos during this time as the fair weather makes it a perfect time to be on the move and get active. For those wanting to just embrace the beautiful scenes of nature, sharing meals through outdoor picnics, or BBQ grills is also a great idea.

To capture these fun moments, having an easy-to-use camera that can fit in your pocket is essential for film lovers. The 110 mm cameras such as the Diana Baby and Fisheye Baby are perfect options that come to mind for a portable camera that can pack a punch and immortalize your spontaneous moments. Lomography's latest offering, the LomoApparat, is another great option. With its 21 mm wide lens and easy-to-handle settings, it’s a handy camera that can beautifully capture all your memories.

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Spring signals a time for renewal and rebirth. With nature in full bloom, it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on what new things you want to do and to also feel reinvigorated for the coming year. With this, we hope that you’re excited to capture spring 2023 and show the rest of the community your upcoming spring adventures!

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We thank the wonderful Lomographers for their beautiful photos highlighting spring. Have you got any plans this coming spring? Share them with us by commenting down below.

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