Gallery: Close-up Crusaders of Lomography

Today we’re taking a look at those who embrace Lomography’s Golden Rule No.5 – Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible! These Lomographers are unafraid to get up close and personal with their surroundings and capture life at the most minuscule and minute level.

Our own chief experimenter @eparrino has previously had fun creating beautiful close-up scenes with the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens and macro adapter. Inspired by these wonderful images we turned to our community members to see what other new perspectives they have discovered. As ever their results are both strange and stunning.

Credits: vicuna, christian_heidebur, alvesfernandal & kleeblatt

When it comes to close-up photography, animals are some of the most fascinating subjects (if somewhat difficult models). Whether it’s the wrinkled nose of a dog or the vertical pupils of a cat’s eye, these photos show our pets in strange new ways.

Things get even weirder and more interesting when we turn our macro lenses towards insects, as Lomographers @saturedcamtar and @merry prove with their close up shots of tiny critters.

Credits: jonatanlois, alvesfernandal, camillog, monsieurtherese, hobbylinse, scarecrowindisguise, saturedcamtar & merry

Plant life is also especially fascinating in close-up. We have previously featured @candeeland for her beautiful floral photographs using the Lomo-Instant Wide and close-up lens attachment, as well as @yago56 with their incredible Daguerreotype Achromat shots.

In these photos, and the photos of so many other Lomographers, we can see the incredible natural structures we ordinarily overlook. Take a meditative moment, and gaze at these wondrous shapes found in back gardens all over the world. It’s enough to make anyone fall in love with macro photography.

Credits: yago56, hobbylinse, christian_heidebur, candeeland, tomohiko & danielknorrr

To properly adhere to rule No.5 (approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible) we couldn’t possibly forget about food! If you’re feeling hungry maybe don’t look too long at the photos below from community members. These close-up treats are enough to make anyone crumble in their attempts to stick to those healthy new year resolutions.

Credits: lshields, kleeblatt & pixiecloud

In close-up, the most mundane sights become abstract works of art. That’s certainly the case with @Intothelostnights and their incredible close-up photography of the human body. These monochrome images feel intimate and intriguing, as we see the body as something unfamiliar and even alien.

Credits: intothelostnights

In fact, humans in general are undeniably strange creatures up close. Much like the images of flowers and plants, we can see in these photos how our own bodies are a crazy amalgamation of complex and strangely shaped structures and systems.

Credits: alvesfernandal, dudizm, camillog & systemdevice

Thank you to everyone who uploaded these incredible close-up photos to their Lomohomes. We hope this has inspired even more of you to experiment with macro photography!

Which close-up is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens

The world’s first photographic optic lens from 1839 redesigned to work with modern-day digital and analogue cameras and deliver the most unique ethereal aesthetics imaginable. Compatible with Canon EF and Nikon F mounts, and many more using adapters.

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