LomoApparat: First Shots by the North American Community


One of our newest cameras, the LomoApparat, made it into some Lomographer's hands as preorders were delivered just in time for the holidays, back in December. We were excited to see our American and Canadian communities take advantage of their new cameras, stepping out of reality with the wide-angle lens, going crazy with the colored gel filters, and experimenting with the multiple lens attachments.

Let's see some of the first shots from our North American community members and hear about their first impressions as they get wide, weird, and wonderfully analogue with the LomoApparat!

Photos by Andrew Chiu shot with the LomoApparat

"The LomoApparat is an absolutely fun camera that allows a wide range of photographic styles and techniques with the simplicity of a wide angle and mechanically easy to understand design. It’s absolutely fun to mix and match colors, try multiple-exposures, and have access to a set of lenses all within a very high value package. Highly recommend for people that want to take an easy dip into creative analogue film photography, and is just as easily recommended for people with an advanced understanding of film that just want to have a fun time."
- Andrew Chiu

The LomoApparat's functions and attachments allow for an endless amount of creative control. Andrew's photos take advantage of the multiple exposure mode on the camera; he achieved the photo of the person split in half by using the Splitzer lens attachment and a multiple exposure!

Photos by Kristina Coelho shot with the LomoApparat

"This is such a fun camera to bring along with you everywhere! I love how easy it is to use and really sparks my creativity."
- Kristina Coelho

Kristina's third photo uses three different LomoApparat features all at once! From the double exposure, to the colored gel filters, to the kaleidescope — the experimenting is never-ending!

Photos by Nico Salum shot with the LomoApparat

"I love the LomoApparat! It’s a more than capable everyday carry point-and-shoot with plenty of tricks in the bag if I want to get real funky with it!"
- Nico Salum

Nico's photos use a few different LomoApparat techniques. For the photo of the sparklers he utilized the LomoApparat's bulb mode for a magical long exposure. In his last photo he put the colored gel filters to use in a double-exposure that looks straight out of an old school 3D movie!

Photos by Carlos Gama shot with the LomoApparat

Carlos' photos make use of the camera with excellent compositions that are complimented by the 21 mm wide-angle lens.

Photos by Sabrina Dennis shot with the LomoApparat

"I wasn't sure what to expect with a camera like this, but the shots came out so beautiful and crisp. I love the way it focused and the lens attachments and built-in flash with different colors. So convenient to have everything you need in one camera. This is great for both portraits and still life — and it's fun to carry around."
- Sabrina Dennis

In Sabrina's first and fourth photos she utilizes the Kaleidoscope lens attachment for a totally trippy, experimental effect.

Photos by Teague Clements shot with the LomoApparat

"When I saw the LomoApparat advertised for pre-sale on the Lomography website, and read the description, it had me at 'totally experimental.' I was looking for a camera for the sole purpose of shooting more trippy and experimental photos, and the Apparat, with its lenses, multi exposure switch, and Splitzer, certainly fit the bill, and completely exceeded my expectations."
- Teague Clements

Teague's photos also make use of double-exposures and the wide-angle lens to capture the entirety of the exciting scene that was the New Year's Day Polar Plunge at Coney Island.

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing their results!

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