Nastya Kaletkina on the Magic of Film Photography


There is a sense of mystery in the work of film photographer Nastya Kaletkina. In her photos (predominantly portraits using natural light and settings) faces are often blurred, otherwise obscured or contain scratch marks and other imperfections. Some images seem to feature strange details that hint towards larger stories. Perhaps it should be no surprise to learn that Nastya primarily takes inspiration from the narrative art form of cinema.

In this interview Nastya tells us more about her preoccupation with storytelling, her love for analogue, and shares her favorite self-portrait.

© Nastya Kaletkina

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and how you got started with film photography?

While studying to be a director, I became fascinated by images and started doing film photography. Cinema became my main inspiration. I was interested in creating a story and photography became my tool.

Why do you choose to shoot with film and not digital?

Even though I have mastered film photography, it is still magic to me. And it also helps me to convey a state of nostalgia for something that hasn't happened more vividly. Film often adds its touch, as if it has a relationship to what I'm seeing. I like to treat it as if it were alive.

© Nastya Kaletkina

What attracts you to portrait photography in particular?

I'm curious about people. A portrait to me is a way to find something in a person that they might not find in themselves. I want to catch that spark and capture it.

Do you have a favorite photo you’ve made recently?

Last rough year I ended up in Portugal. There, on a deserted oceanfront, I took the self-portrait. It was very significant to me - I waited until sunset and stood, covered only by headscarf, while the cold wind was knocking me off my feet. This photograph captures a complex sense of insecurity in front of something insurmountable and yet a sense of the power of accepting oneself and one's decisions.

© Nastya Kaletkina

Which cameras and film do you usually like to use?

Lately I have been taking pictures with a Nikon FM2. I use different film, often the most basic one, like Kodak Color.

In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

Atmosphere, composition, and of course intention.

© Nastya Kaletkina

Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you can tell us about?

There is no specific project. I have an idea I'm working on, but I would prefer not to share it yet. I am getting older and my photography is taking on new meanings. At this stage, I would like to go deeper into real life and capture it rather than fictional worlds.

© Nastya Kaletkina

Many thanks to Nastya for sharing her work with us! To check out more of her photography be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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