Creatively, Diana: Vintage Style and Analogue Experimentation Go Hand in Hand

Last year Lomography turned 30! We might be older and wiser, but we still have young, curious and unstoppable creative minds! For this special occasion, we got together with a group of stylists and owners of second-hand vintage shops and challenged them to pair one Diana camera of their choice with a retro look from their vast selection of clothes.

The Diana is a camera that is not afraid to show its unique flair, and with these styling tips, we have created the perfect outfit for a fuss-free fashionable shooting day. We also asked them what they love about the camera they chose, and what relationship they see between analogue photography and vintage clothing.

We are happy to welcome to the Magazine, Kim from The Holly Garbage, Nora from Honest Second Hand , and Miri from Uppers and Downers. Let's see how they have paired their Diana of choice!

The Holly Garbage . Photo taken with Diana Instant square by Elisa Parrino
Kim: I love the Diana mini because it is just so cute and wholesome. It looks great while still being super practical.
The relationship between analogue photography and vintage clothes is not only that both are "old stuff" which have been popular in the past and is now trending again, but also how it makes you feel. You get a sense of nostalgia from both and it reminds you of memorabilia from the past. And then also a rather obvious thing - you never know what you get! No matter if you browse a vintage online shop, go to a vintage store or shoot a roll of film, it's always a surprise how things turn out.
Honest Second Hand . Photo taken with Diana Instant square by Elisa Parrino
Nora: My choice is the Diana F+ Camera & Flash 10 Years Anniversary because of it’s groovy look. The retro design is super fun. Vintage fashion, just like analogue photography, brings the past into the present and embraces unique style. Both share the love for pieces full of history and character.
Miri: I chose the Diana F+ Camera & Flash simply because it appealed to me the most at the day of our shoot. The strongest connection I personally see between analogue photography and vintage clothing is in the notion of uniqueness, charm and deceleration. Let me tell you I’m no photographer, but I believe that you need a lot of time when shooting analogue pictures compared to digital ones, and maybe you take a little more time to analyze your motif, the light conditions, other details. Also, you can only take a certain amount of pictures until your roll of film is full.
Uppers and Downers Photo taken with Diana Instant square by Elisa Parrino
Every image you get out of it is unique, nothing like the one before. You’re not wasteful with your shots, you reflect on everything. That’s what makes these pictures so charming. And I see all of this apply to vintage clothing as well. No piece of clothing is like the other, every style is unique – either you’re lucky and it fits you or it simply doesn’t.
At uppers & downers, we love seeing customers coming in and spending hours at the store, browsing through every single piece, trying on clothes while chatting with us, making informed decisions on whether to buy something or not – and simply removing themselves from their hectic world for one or two hours. We do live in a very fast moving world and I believe that if you get the chance to slow down, even if it’s just for a little bit, do it – and we love seeing this happening at our store.

We are supporters of conscious fashion practices and we are happy to have paired with these unique second hand shops. We hope you will find your unique style to pair with your Diana camera. What are your thoughts on the relationship between analogue photography and vintage clothing?

Which of the Diana Family is your favorite?

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