Whitemoor Allotments, Nottingham

Whitemoor is a small allotment site in Nottingham. I’ve had an allotment there for a little over a year. I love spending afternoons watering my vegetables and wandering the narrow lanes. It is off the beaten track, which si perfect if you want to avoid cliche photos!

Whitemoor allotments is such a wonderful place, although located between a busy ring road and an active tram and train line, when you’re inside it’s like another world. All the fuss and bother of everyday life drifts away. The privet lined alleyways and lanes feel so safe and everyone you meet is friendly and welcoming. Peering into the allotments themselves is another joy; they can be neat and orderly or wild and unkempt; no two alike. There are make-shift sheds and unstable greenhouses as well as some unusual and interesting doors. Whitemoor allotments is one of my favorite places to go for some peace and quite in addition to being one of the best places to shoot; there is always something new to spot on every visit.

written by wendypops on 2010-07-29 #places #food #grass #vegetables #lanes #peaceful #location #growing #friendly #nottingham #grow #travel-destination #allotments

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