Music and Film Photography – An Interview with Indie Rock Band Cheats

Music and film photography are two art forms that are interwoven in the world of Filipino indie rock band Cheats. With a new album launched and a line-up of shows, Cheats are rocking into 2023 guitars blazing. Read on for tips and musings on shooting film at gigs, where to catch an upcoming concert, and the band's inspirations.

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Congrats on the recent release of your new album Houseplants. What else has Cheats been up to lately? Do you have any new projects?

We’re working on playing more shows and the next album!

Where can we catch an upcoming show? What can fans anticipate for 2023?

We have a show on February 7 at 123 Block for the Ransom Collective Reunion show! We’re planning on releasing our first vinyl and celebrating 10 years since our first album! Also looking to do some touring this year so just follow our social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @cheatsmusic!

We know the band shoots film. What do you like most about analogue photography?

Above all we love the look of film. The colors, texture, and imperfections are all so satisfying. We like the idea of knowing that these moments are captured on a negative that you can actually hold and touch with your hands.

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Do you think there is a link between music and photography?

There definitely is. I think the listening experience is enhanced by supplementing it with an interesting photograph or a striking visual. In the same way, I feel a lot of photographers get inspiration from music when practicing their craft, whether it's watching a show or listening to an album at home.

What subjects do you like to take photos of?

We like shooting the band and friends of the band!

What cameras do you use?

We use a couple of point-and-shoots like the Canon Autoboy S and Konica Big Mini. The EOS cameras from the 90s are a staple in our band too because of all the EF lenses we have from our digital systems.

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You’ve been a band since 2013. How did you start?

It all started with Jim wanting to form an “LCD Soundsystem cover band” after his previous band broke up. Different members came and went. The music evolved by leaps and bounds and we have yet to play a single LCD Soundsystem song.

Any tips for our Community for taking photos at concerts?

Don't be afraid to get up close if you can. Some of my favorite concert/gig photos have been taken from really interesting angles.

I get the impression Manila is one of Asia’s best kept secrets. What’s the live music scene in Manila like? Do you get a lot of music tourism?

The live music scene in Manila is very much alive again now that quarantine restrictions have loosened up. You can catch a gig in the city's many venues on any given night, and there are even punk shows on Sunday afternoons at places like 123 Block. We don't know what counts as "music tourism," but for sure most major cities or small towns all over the country have music acts to be proud of.

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Is there anything else you would like to add?

Support local music and bring your cameras while you’re at it!

Check out Cheats' new album Houseplants – now available on music streaming platforms.

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