Sonder: Everyone Has a Story


It's easy to get lost in the feeling that everything is happening to you all at once, and that perhaps people around you don't fully comprehend the enormity of your experiences, worries, and aspirations. After all, they're not living your life and are only spectators who glimpse into your daily encounters. Very few are given the chance to peek into your most intimate thoughts and activities.

The thing is, all these things and more happen to them as well. Stories and experiences happen in the multitudes but we're so caught up in our own that sometimes it's difficult to recognize them.

Credits: lyralim

Sonder is the realization that each and every person you see or meet is living a life that's as complex as your own. It's a beautiful word shrouded in both mystery and revelation. It's mysterious, since you never truly know or comprehend the complexity of other people's lives because you yourself are preoccupied with what's happening on your own.

It's humbling to recognize this phenomenon and accept that not everything revolves around you.You slowly understand that life is a constant process of spooling and unraveling, its threads connecting each and every one of us in the most unique and bizarre ways.

Credits: francislee, duffman, martaglinska, imbaaa, marjanbuning & marek_

Sonder has a place in the vocabulary of every photographer. Street photography is one area where it truly lends itself well due to the constant encounters with different people from all walks of life. Just stand on a busy street corner or sit on a bench at an airport that's buzzing with travelers and you'll get what we mean. All these people passing through are strangers and yet you are sure to find a few that are interesting to your eyes.

They will be minding their own business. Some might notice you, most will not, but life will go on after that. Your paths will cross at that specific moment before you all head to your next destination. You might wonder where they're off to next, what their jobs and hobbies might be like, or maybe you're curious about what brought them there.

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  1. roaringtree
    roaringtree ·

    Beautifully written and thoughtful, I didn't know the word Sonder' until reading this. Thank you!

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