Self-Reflective Travel Shots: Sara Messinger's First Impressions of the LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 Film


New York City-based photographer Sara Messinger tested out our new LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 (35 mm) Film on a trip to Mexico. In this interview she tells us about her first impressions of the film, traveling with it, and the self-reflective meaning behind her trip.

Photos by Sara Messinger

Why did you choose this setting to test our new LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 (35 mm) Film ?

I was traveling to Mexico City when I decided to try out the film. I pretty much only shoot on 400 speed film. For me it is the most versatile. Even when it gets dark, I love shooting as wide open as I can with my aperture, so I don’t mind shooting with a slow shutter speed with no flash.

How would you describe the look of this film?

The film definitely yields on the cooler side, and a bit grainy.

Photo by Sara Messinger

Do you have a favorite photo taken with this film?

I took this photo of my friend as we were traveling by bus to the pyramids outside of Mexico City. This photograph for me represents my entire trip. I felt very lost at this time in my life. I can see my new friend, also a photographer, looking and searching as well— neither of us truly knew what we were looking for. Nobody ever really does, I guess is the truth. But this photograph reminds me, you always have to search. I had no idea why I decided to go to Mexico, but here I was on the bus to the pyramids. I was searching for something.

How do you feel about a new color negative film being on the market?


What do you think is the perfect situation for shooting this film?

Daytime. I honestly never know what I’m going to be up to, and I always like to make do with what I have. I always have 400 speed film in my camera. You can make it work with limited light too.

Photos by Sara Messinger

Which camera did you use with this film?

Leica M4-P.

What are your hopes for the future of film photography?

I really hope the supply of film goes up, and more companies come out with more options due to the increase in demand. I never want to stop making pictures with film. For me the experience of shooting film is everything. I am a romantic for film photography. I love the simplicity of it. I love not having a digital screen to pressure me to construct a perfect image. I love the limited frames. I love not seeing the images that I make until months later. For me, I don’t fully experience a moment until I see the photograph months later.

To see more of Sara's work don't forget to check out her Instagram and website.

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LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 35 mm Film

This new, unique color negative emulsion provides a burst of retro charm and classic analogue character in any film shooting scenario.


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