Vistas and Vibrant Colors — A Photo Gallery by @cmtuckerly


Splendor, nature, and analogue magic intertwine in the lovely photos of community member @cmtuckerly. Her LomoHome is filled with wonderful pictures from her travels that will surely give you a sudden urge to go out and explore.

Credits: cmtuckerly

Some of our favorites are from her photo album shot entirely with the elusive Kodak Aerochrome film. We just love the magical look of the photographs with their color shifts that are similar to LomoChrome Purple film. @cmtuckerly managed to bring out the intense pinks and shades of red that are delicately matched by the soothing shades of blue.

Credits: cmtuckerly

We're also loving the landscapes she captured for their beautiful exposure and framing. Whether she's shooting in color or black-and-white, @cmtuckerly clearly has a strong understanding of what is in front of her and how it will look after developing. The mind's eye is simply a wonderful tool when it comes to creating beautiful copies of moments and scenery. We're looking forward to seeing more from @cmtuckerly's adventures on film.

Follow her on her LomoHome and YouTube to see more of her film photography work.

written by cheeo on 2023-01-22 #places #canada #color-film #landscapes #infrared-film #kodak-aerochrome #nature-photography #cmtuckerly


  1. cmtuckerly
    cmtuckerly ·

    Thank you so much for the incredibly kind article!! It's very humbling to learn that some of my images resonate with you! I loved reading about your thoughts. Shooting film is such a privilege that I don't take for granted, and Lomography has been huge in fostering experimentation and creativity.

  2. weekendering
    weekendering ·

    Very nice!

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